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The Pros and Cons of No Domestic Helper

By Umkhaloodie

Well, babysitting is a no no here unless you have close family relatives that your children love and want to stay with- mine are too young to be separated from mommy. Mention going to Mama Ouda’s and it’s, ‘ok, but you will come mama?’
I don’t like to leave them for long periods of time either so when I had a maid, it was easy to nip to the salon, have a mani and a pedi and be home just in time for the end of Finding Nemo- hey presto! They never knew I was away.
Trying to go to the salon now just isn’t happening, my gelish nails have gone to pot (yes, really, you don’t want to see how bad! Damnit, just reminded myself I forgot to buy gloves at the jamiya), my hair is in tats- finding the time to find a hairbrush in the morning is hard enough and as for showering – well… That just isn’t happening, a quick wash with a cloth at 6am is the best I can do and as for the moustache, I’m slowly starting to look like Al Pacino.

So what are the pros and cons of having live-in domestic help?
24/7 babysitter (if lucky with a trustworthy maid)
Having time to brush my hair and shower.

Those really are the only pros. And I’m not kidding, it’s so good to finally be in control of my house again. It’s cleaned to the highest standards, not domestic help skimmy quickly over the surface standards, my children are not only happy but they are calm! Why do these maids screams at kids so much? Even to say, ‘good morning’. No-one needs a talking hyena at 6am, most people like silence and quiet chit chat if really necessary.

The cons-
Ironing: it’s definitely at the top of my HATE list but other than that, there isn’t much I am not enjoying doing. It’s nice being a proper housewife with housewife duties for a change, I know I am definitely going to be listing a few more cons once the sandstorms arrive but for now; we are happy and content just the 4 of us.

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