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The Problem with the Castle Doctrine in Montana

Posted on the 12 October 2012 by Mikeb302000
The Problem with the Castle Doctrine in Montana Dan Fredenberg
 Local news reports
The Sept. 22 shooting death of 40-year-old Dan Fredenberg occurred inside the garage of Brice Harper, who had reportedly drawn Fredenberg’s ire after becoming romantically involved with the man’s wife. On the night of the shooting, Harper, 24, was standing in the threshold to his home when an unarmed Fredenberg entered the garage and advanced toward him, according to the police investigation. Harper fatally shot Fredenberg three times, and told police he feared for his life.
Isn't it too easy for a defensive shooter to claim he felt threatened? What the hell esle is he going to say with a dead guy laying there?
Isn't it likely that a guy who's sleeping with another man's wife going to be a bit jumpy and paranoid and guilty when the other man comes calling?  Wouldn't he be expecting trouble and perhaps see threat where none exists?
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By Justice for Dan Fredenberg
posted on 25 October at 06:38

Brice Harper, shooter, stated publicly several times that he had a gun, wasn't afraid of Dan, and once even said he 'would blow Dan's head off'. When he and Heather were going around the block and knew Dan was following them Brice had TIME to decide what he was going to do. In a self defense situation the confrontation happens and you have to decide. Brice was driving around processing what he was going to do. So he DECIDED on murder. He didn't decide to lock his house and call 911. He didn't decide to keep driving and call 911. He didn't decide to drive to the cops and get help. He DECIDED he was going to get out of the car, get a 40 caliber revolver and MURDER Danny. If THAT is self defense, we should all be terrified.