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The Problem With Teachers Becoming Admin

By Naturegirl321 @SharonTEFLTips

The Problem With Teachers Becoming Admin

From Global Sports Jobs

If a teacher stays with a school for a while chances are that they will get to move up the ladder into a leadership position. While I think it's great for teachers to advance their careers, I also think there's a problem with teachers moving into admin positions.
There are usually two reasons why teachers move into these positions.
  • Time they've spent with the school
  • They're a good teacher
The problem with this is that neither reason means that they will be a good administrator. If teachers are going to move into admin positions, the schools must choose someone who is a good leader and that might not necessarily mean choosing the person who is the best teacher or the one who has been there the longest. They also should help the teacher transition into an admin position, through mentoring or encouraging them to take classes.
I think it's good for teachers to move up, however, schools have to be careful how they go about doing this. 

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