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The Price of Milky Extra

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Just several years back an entire protest industry went wild over the price of cottage cheese and milky (a brand of pudding made in Israel). People were comparing how high the price of products is in Israel to the price of the same products in other countries around the world, and for most things it was significantly higher in Israel, even on products made in Israel - like cottage cheese and milky. The protests had some effect at the time, pressuring companies to drop some prices slightly or to at least curtail further increases, but I think most people realistically knew that as soon as people stopped looking and things cooled down the prices would eventually go back up. And they did, here and there, things got back to normal and everyone moved on.
Now Israel is going through another period of prices increasing. I am not talking about the new taxes on specific items like soft drinks, but in general, the main companies have been pushing to increase prices on most food products. They officially blame the known problems in the supply chain that have been causing problems all around the world, along with shipping problems as well , both making the raw materials go up significantly in price. People are upset, but so far no protest movement.
I want to go back to Milky - one of the original items that was regularly talked about back then.
I sometimes buy Milky as a treat. They have a couple of types, more basic ones in different flavors and fancier ones with all sorts of toppings that are a little bit more expensive. I usually get the basic ones when I get it. 
I noticed in the store that the basic ones and some of the fancy flavors went up in price. The price of the basic flavors is now what the expensive ones used to cost. Fair enough. Then I noticed that a couple of the fancier flavors stayed the same price. The "extra chocolate" and the "extra cream" flavors. I decided to buy a couple of those, as I usually dont.
And then I began to wonder...
The price of Milky Extra
I am not going to compare them to other flavors, but to each other.
Presumably either the extra cream or the extra chocolate is more expensive. If they are adding mroe chocolate it means they are cutting down on some of the cream. If they are adding more cream they are cutting down ont he chocolate. The containers are the same sizes and they are the same sizes as all the other regular Milky containers - 170ml. 
So, with one of them, and I dont know which, you are getting more of the cheaper portion at the higher price.
I know, I know. First world problems. It just struck me as interesting.
Of course I might be wrong and maybe the chocolate and the cream are both worth about the same so switching which has more included is no difference.
In practice, both taste great, and that's the important thing!
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