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The Pretty Duo: Camel and Red

By Jewelrygal @1928jewelry

In a world where we find most of our news and media on the internet, I still get giddy with excitement every month when my two favorite fashion magazines are delivered! I look forward to my days off when I can sit and dive into my new Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar issues. I chose these two magazines to subscribe to because I find that they both have a unique and targeted approach when it comes to writing about fashion. Marie Claire is my go-to for fun stories, unique buys, and up-and-coming labels, whereas Harper’s Bazaar is my “Bible,” if you will, when it comes to following new trends and studying high-end designers.

I enjoy reading my magazines, but what I enjoy even more is reading in between the lines and asking myself what popped out to ME. Just because the editors and writers are highlighting certain trends, it doesn’t mean you can try them all or even that you should. You have to take a look at what YOU like and what you think works with YOUR personal style. Let’s face it—if you took their advice, your style could be described as bohemian, classic, edgy, rockstar, glamorous, etc.—it just doesn’t make sense for every person to try every new, trending look or style.

In flipping through my April issue of Harper’s, I noticed a trend within their trend pages. I kept ogling over each page that featured the ever so popular, minimal shades of camel and other nudes, mixed with bold red and other berry hues. Between articles, ads, and trend reports, there were over five pages in this issue alone that gave this new color combination the spotlight, and I have to say, I LOVE it!

watches CR1 122x300The Pretty Duo: Camel and Red
trend2 CR 222x300The Pretty Duo: Camel and Red
chloe ad CR 214x300The Pretty Duo: Camel and Red

Personally, I find that blending camel and red, blush and raspberry, off-white with fuschia, or any of the above, a perfect way to transition from the minimal, structured style to the flirtier, bright, boho-inspired spring looks. I also love that this color combo could work for just about any season and you probably already have Spring and Fall clothing and accessories in both of these colors! It is an easy, fashionable and totally breathtaking color combination that has me excited for spring fashion all over again!

trend1 CR 212x300The Pretty Duo: Camel and Red
trend3 CR 214x300The Pretty Duo: Camel and Red

So next time you get your latest magazine subscription or pick one up at a bookstore, read between the lines and the articles and make your own fashion choices based on the tips and style pointers the editors give us on the pages. I got so inspired by Harper’s trend pages, I decided to make one of my own! You’ll be surprised at how much easier it makes choosing that one trend to really fall in love with. What are your favorite fashion magazines and what trends are you looking forward to trying this spring?

cr 300x268The Pretty Duo: Camel and Red

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