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The Praying Mantis Bride by @deankoontz

By Pamelascott

A deadly black widow has eliminated three husbands and counting. But Nameless knows her one weakness. To bring truth and its consequences to her crimes, the vigilante must spin a web of his own in part three of the Nameless series.

Lucia-current last name, Rickenbah-has made a fortune by marrying rich men who tend to drop dead. But the superstitious blonde believes in more than money and murder. Nameless's job is to scare a confession out of Lucia, and as the psychological warfare escalates, even he may be in for a shock.

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz comes The Praying Mantis Bride, part of Nameless, a riveting collection of short stories about a vigilante nomad, stripped of his memories and commissioned to kill. Follow him in each story, which can be read or listened to in a single sitting.


[Valjean Jones is only fifty-eight years old, but she looks as if she's been on Social Security since it was first instituted]


(Amazon Original Stories, 12 November 2019, 61 pages, ebook, borrowed from @AmazonKindle #PrimeReading)



And things just get more and more intriguing with the Nameless series. This is my favourite tale so far. This time around, you find out that Nameless does not work alone. He is one of who knows how many operatives all with fake identities whose pasts have been erased. Who's pulling the strings? Why? This had a bit more action that the rest of the series and was quite dark and gory at times, especially towards the end. I loved the way Nameless and his fellow vigilantes terrorise and torment nasty Lucia. This was a stroke of genius. I look forward to the next outing.

Praying Mantis Bride @deankoontz

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