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The Power Of Mind And Spirit

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

What I Can Honestly Say I’ve Noticed In My Life Is That Everything That I Ever Wished For (Truly Desired) I Have Received. No Matter How Big Or How Small The Request Was That I Wanted. Even When It Didn’t Seem Possible For Me To Have The Certain Things That I Wanted They Would Eventually Come. The Longest It Would Take For My Desire To Reach Me Was About A Year But As I Always Continue To Grow And Change In Spirit So Does The Things Around Me.  And Whatever I May Not Have Received Yet I Know To Expect Sometime In The Future.

Why I Have Made It So Far In My Life Is Because I’ve Always Stayed True To Myself. Some Are Very Often Impacted By The Thoughts And Opinions Of Others So Much That They Let Them Have A Major Influence On Their Life. I Have Never Let What Went On In The World Around Me Affect Me. As Far As I Am Concerned The Certain Things Of This World Do Not Apply To Me, And I Seriously Mean That. I Am My Own Individual. I Don’t Have To Go Along With Anything Simply Because It Is The So called “Norm”.

Early On, I Began To Notice That Whatever I Had Thought And Felt Attracted Back To Me  Through The  Powers Of  The Universe. And It Would Even Happen Through People And Certain Instances. Now I Am In No Way Saying That We Are Responsible For Everything That Happens Around Us Because There Are Things That Are Just Beyond Our Control That We Don’t Have Anything To Do With. We Do, However, Have A Definite Influence On How Our Lives Can Turn Out.

I’ve Seen A Lot Of Negative Situations Through Out My Years Here On The Earth. I’ve Even Been Through Quite A Few Negative Situations That I Was Not At All Responsible For But I Never Put Any Energy Into It. And That Is The Key. You Should Recognize The Circumstance For What it Is, Learn From It Then Move On. Don’t Carry It.  Bad Things Happen All The Time,  Is It Discouraging? No. Not To Me. In fact, It Is Motivating.  It Makes Me More Determined. Negativity Is Sickening, It Turns Me Off.  It Makes Me Want To Move Ahead And Not Want To Be In That Particular Situation Again.

I Have A Very Strong Mind And Feel That Instead Of Surrendering You Should Walk Away Even Stronger And More Optimistic. I Determine My Own Situations. I Don’t Let Situations Determine Me. I Look Forward To The Things That I Want In Life Because I Really Want Them And I Get Them. And Sometimes If You Don’t Get Something That You Desire It May Not  Be In Your Best Interest.

The Power Of Our Lives Is Held In Our Own Hands. Through The Universe We Can Create A Road To True Satisfaction Beyond Our Wildest Dreams Because We Can Make Our Dreams A Reality. I Will Always Be Aware Of The World Around Me And What Is Going On In It At The Same Time Knowing That I Will Always Come Out On Top.  I Have Since The Beginning Detached Myself From This Place, Living In My Own True World That Caters To Me And What I Choose To Create. And When I Look Out Of The Windows To My House And See The  Turbulent Storm Outside That Is Our Society I Thank Goodness For The Permanent Locks That Are On My Doors Shielding Me Away.

I Know As I Continue To Be Positive Because By Nature I Am A Positive Person That I Will Continue To Be Blessed.  I See My Life Through Natural Feelings, Thoughts, Wishes And Visions And The More I Put Out The More And Continuously It Will Reflect Back To Me. This Is The Way Of My Life. And What I Found Out Later On Was That This Method I’d Been Going By For Years Were A Part Of The Natural Laws Of Attraction, Something At The Time I Had Never Heard Of. So Even In My Nature Again I Have Been Guided To Live By The Truth.

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