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The Power of Long Tail SEO

Posted on the 21 March 2013 by Infographixdirectory @infographixdir

HitTail put together an infographic, The Hidden Value of Long Tail SEO, that takes a look at how long tail keywords can effect your overall SEO campaign. The infographic explains how long tail SEO involves targeting less competitive, highly specific search terms. Since 70% of all search queries contain long tail keywords there is a tremendous opportunity to increase click-through rates as well as your site’s conversion rate. The infographic also provides a couple of strategies to help you strengthen your site for long tail keywords.

The SEO Power of Long Tail Keywords Infographic

Infographic Source: HitTail

The SEO Power of Long Tail Keywords

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By HitTail
posted on 26 April at 10:12

Hi Brent,

This is Stas from HitTail. Thanks for sharing this infographic!

May I ask you for a small favor - could you please update the references, since we’ve recently moved our website to a new sub-domain? Here are details about the URLs:

Old URL: -> New URL:

Many thanks! Stas