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The Power of Learning Italian Language Through Podcasts

By Tlb
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Have you heard of one of the learning methods known to man today famous in about the effective ways to learn Italian language? If the language you are currently targeting to learn today is Italian, then you must have heard the “5 minutes a day” Italian learning time. This has been famously represented by the LearnItalianPod.

Some people might find this less-effective as far as excellent Italian language learning is concerned. For those who are “language school enthusiasts”, they might have considered that foreign language school is still the best option to learn Italian effectively.

But are these podcasts really considered to be become less effective?

Let’s take a quick read of the following testimonials posted below by some of the podcast users. Consider these testimonies as evaluations:

“I just returned from Italy and wanted to thank you very much for your excellent service. Italy was absolutely wonderful and made even better because of your lessons. Everything from car rental, to market purchases to dining out and making new friends was a snap!”

-Jerry, Canada

“Hi! I’m a student (I’m 15 years old), and I’ve been listening to your podcast and studying Italian for the last 3 months; it’s the reason that I have received a scholarship to go to Italy this summer. I hope that you can understand my Italian” (Jenny wrote in Italian as well, see below)

“Ciao! Sono una studentessa (ho quindici anni), e stavo ascoltando il tuo podcast e stavo studiando l’Italiano per i tre mesi scorsi; e’ la ragione che ho ottenuto una borsa di studio per andare in Italia quest’estate. Ehhh, molto grazie!”


“I just wanted to tell you how useful has been to me and my family! My husband is from Italy and his parents don’t speak English, so of course we always have some communication problems when we go to see them. To prepare for our Christmas visit this year I started listening to your podcasts in October, and by Christmas I was able to understand so much more than ever before, and even contribute to the conversation a little myself!”


This was honestly taken from the podcasts’ site itself. But considering that you are or you were an Italian language learner, have you used the famous LearnItalianPod already?

If you do, you might want to share your own testimonies as to how effective the device has become on your learning. Feel free to comment.

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