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The Power of A Personal Post

By Cait @caitscozycorner
As blogger's we want to connect with our audience, mainly you, the reader. That could be through a multitude of ways such as collaborations with business's, other bloggers or sharing some fun giveaways. What I don't like to see on a blog, is only that. I want to get to know you as a reader, because yes, just because you're a blogger doesn't mean you don't read anyone else's blogs.
The Power of A Personal Post
The power that a personal post has over your followers is essential. It's what keeps them around. It what shares your inner most self with them. As bloggers we put ourselves out there. We share great detail of an outfit, an amazing new recipe or this incredible new product that just came out. I want to read stories of what made me cry last week, of that new milestone your child just took or you're upcoming vacation that you can't stop raving about.
In a sense, I just want to get to know you. What makes you tick. For me, sharing a personal post does make me nervous but isn't that the great thing about social media. The connection we can make with just a few keystrokes, pictures and most importantly, our voice? I love those bloggers who share their deepest desires, their secrets and their habits. It what makes me love coming back to their blog day in and day out. It's the power they have of those personal stories.
It's scary, true to put yourself out there. But, the power you have is worth that risk. I promise, never stop sharing those personal posts friends. Even if you don't think you're reaching anyone, someone, someday will come across it and realize what an impact you're making on them. At least, that's all we can hope for right?
What makes you coming back to my blog?Do you share personal posts on your social media accounts?
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