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The Pope, Donald Trump and Roger Waters Walk into a Wall....

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I have mostly avoided commenting on the US elections, while watching the entertaining process from the side. This one is too good to pass up though.
The Pope got involved and attacked Donald Trump the other day.
The Pope criticized Trump for his stance on illegal immigration and saying he is going to build a wall between the USA and Mexico.
The Pope said, "A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not of building bridges, is not Christian."
Trump's response was a bit underwhelming, in my opinion, so I'll leave that aside. Breitbart and Sean Hannity had a far better response, and that will lead to why this deserves to get mention here..
Breitbart and Sean Hannity have pointed out that while the Pope criticizes Tump for his stance in building a wall, the Vatican is protected by its own wall and they are very strict about who is allowed in and who is not.
The Pope, Donald Trump and Roger Waters walk into a wall....
Some of Trump's opponents in the GOP race have also made similar comments mentioning the Vatican's wall and saying the USA also has the right to decide who to let in and whom to refuse entry to...
And this leads me to the relevance to Israel. This entire discussion reminded me of an image from the Pope's last visit to the Holy Land, in 2014.
The Pope, Donald Trump and Roger Waters walk into a wall....
The Pope surprised everyone when he had his "Pope-Mobile" stop near the wall built by Israel and he got out and approached the wall, offering some sort of a prayer and had also criticized somewhat this wall - the Israeli separation barrier that has been pretty successful in putting an end to the wave of terror that sent suicide bombers into Israel. So the Pope has a history of being anti-wall, while not doing anything about removing the Vatican's wall or changing its entrance and immigration policy.
I wonder if the Pope was ever a fan of Pink Floyd, and specifically the album "The Wall".. considering Roger Waters as part of the band, I would suspect he was...

and I wonder if he has a position on the Women of the Wall
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