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The Politics of the Insecure Male

Posted on the 19 July 2011 by Lawanda @lawanda43

Working for most of my life in the trucking business has given me the opportunity to deal on a personal basis with all kinds of men. Some of them are complete angels, and not put off, nor a bit threatened, by little old me--the lady driver. These are men of great competence, and secure in their station of life. They have nothing to prove, and they are instantly aware of their lesser counterparts: the insecure male.

The insecure male has a great deal to prove. He is an incessant whiner, and two-faced in all respects. You will often hear him say, "Ain't NO WOMAN gonna tell ME what to do!" Not only that, women will always be held to a higher standard. For example, a male driver can get sick, freeze his load, or run over something, and he will always be excused. Making modifications, accidentally, or on purpose, to other people's property is always a right. Chronically in competition, he will fabricate lies to rid himself of any noticable female threat.

I am now dealing with a group of insecure males. I feel sorry for them because their efforts are so painfully noticable and pathetic. One of them, whom I usually refer to in my thoughts as "idiot," has a long history of drug abuse. Whatever it is he sniffs, has surely affected his brain cells. He really believes his pretense of humility is convincing to the masses. His charade is comical. We have seen this character so high he is literally walking on the clouds, but he isn't fooling me.

I relish with even more enthusiasm my latest, most notable, 'insecure male.' This guy is truly teetering on the edge of a full blown personal disaster because his politics are about to bite him in the rear. Arrogance is the norm, and he has convinced himself he owns the rights to works not his own. He will almost always overstep boundaries. He has forgotten he is simply an employee of a much larger enterprise, of which I am very familiar. He overvalues himself, by A LOT. You will often hear him try to sugarcoat the obvious...he will usually say, "Well, I was just trying to find out." In reality, he is on a mission to find fault with little old me.

Pondering the consequences of facing down my insecure males has lead me to believe I have nothing to lose. Truth is my friend, and I can prove I have been treated with outrageous disrespect, and constantly inconvenienced. The chances of me letting them reach their goal is nill at best. My advice to them would be to simply back off before they get screwed in a manner not typical for them.

I am such a likable and laid back character. I never bother anyone; but, for some mysterious reason, these insecure males have decided to target me. I hope they know what they are getting into :-)

Always remember, if my little tirade against the "insecure male" is making you uncomfortable, it is all just "tongue in cheek."

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