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The Poison of Fundamentalist Catholics

By Apostolate Of The Divine Heart @DivineHeartGod

The poison of fundamentalist Catholics

They seek to rebuild the Catholic Church into their own image, far – very far – from the Spirit of God. They claim, both in public and in private, to be the sole ones to possess and preach the ‘untainted’ Word of God in this time of worldly confusion, but in reality have neither one nor the other in their minds and mouths as their hearts are very far from God out of pride. Despite the shiny allure of initial appearances to the contrary, therefore, fundamentalist Catholics are never able to genuinely nourish other Catholics, other Christians, and seekers at the spiritual level with the Truth because they only have poison to give to the other.

They claim to be humble – but in everyday life and as evidenced by their public behaviors, they are anything but. They lie and attempt, without shame or compunction, to get away with as many lies as possible, to satiate their rage for having been exposed by the truth. In addition, they lie to continue denying, to their own selves, their multiplicity of sinful behaviors toward others; a multiplicity that is as endless as the rage lying unresolved in their own hearts. Fundamentalist Catholics thus manifest no problem fabricating stories in endless ways about the members of the People of God from both the top down and the bottom up, even while knowing these stories to be false and a grievous sin in their own right, since their underlying intent is no more and no less than virtual murder. The desire for revenge of these Catholics knows no limits in this regard, blinded as they are with the lust – yes, lust – in their own hearts to be the sole ones in the whole world to ever possess the Truth (which they are not). And, more close to home, to satisfy that insatiable lust for the ‘power’ to decide who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’ of the Catholic Church.

Above all, fundamentalist Catholics talk about carrying out all this in the Name of the Lord and in the name of ‘righteousness’ – blasphemy and sacrilege, if ever these were known to exist. There are only three words appropriate for these Catholics: Go to confession.

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