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The Pink Wedding Day

By Innstilettos
As with almost everything, my daughter and I have different tastes when it comes to clothes, decorating, and style.  So to say I love pink and think a pink wedding would be to die for would be an obviously different reaction from her.  She is my robin's egg blue girl (coming in a future blog).
Pink has caused quite a stir this year in the wedding world.  Not the hot shocking pink ...although I am drawn to that palette as well.  No...the pink that has stolen the heart of brides and planners alike is soft, subtle pink.  In some ways, I think it has been bold enough to replace the white factor for some weddings.
The Pink Wedding Day This dress is available on
This ever so subtle shade I think actually makes brides look healthier.  It's wonderful if you have darker skin but if you are pale to begin with white can make you look really washed out.  The palest of pinks gives a shine.
But of course there is so much more pink that can be used in the wedding....I so love this table setting that I actually had a weak moment and begged my daughter for consideration.  For all those of you sitting on the edge of your is still the color of her wedding....
The Pink Wedding Day I guess I could have my own wedding but for the moment I think I will stick with planning a dinner party.  This is a very monochromatic application but it is so soothing to the eye.  What I thought was interesting is they mixed both gold and silver together which actually really looks lovely.  The Pink Wedding DayCourtesy of  Definitely a hard right from the traditional creamy white cake, but it is pretty.
The Pink Wedding Day  Lovely bridesmaid dresses with matching bouquets.  Very pretty and this color looks good on everyone- women of color, blondes, brunettes so the whole wedding party will look gorgeous for the big day. 
The Pink Wedding DayCourtesy of  These cute little milkshakes are a sweet addition to any wedding even if you are not going with the pink theme.  The Pink Wedding DayCourtesy of By the time the wedding is being planned, the thoughts of the engagement ring is somewhat in the rear view mirror but I thought I would add it for all of you that have a wedding on the mind but may not be quite there yet. Kisses, Deborah

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