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The Persuasive Requirement to Use a Common Language

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Every time you learn a foreign language, don’t expect that you will become immediately fluent like a native speaker speaks it. Don’t believe in advertisements that you can become fluent in a language learned in just three or six months. That’s unrealistic. An average learner may become fluent with a language only when he undergoes gradual and consistent training with the language for a long period of time. It takes years to completely be fluent with a foreign language, you know, no matter how difficult that may be.

However, there is another extreme regarding this issue. Because at some cases, no matter how fluent you are in your learned language, there will be times when you get tripped up. People from different places have different variations, accent, and dialects no matter how similar it may be. For example; a person taking English courses in Miami may master his English skills the American accent. However, when you get to be in Britain, you will encounter a different kind of English. Even Parisian French speakers who went to eastern Canada will have a hard time with their French language there.

This is where a common language should be implemented. Not because a language school encourages you to do so or because this blog heartens you as well, but because the need is actually there. Wherever you may be, whether you are in the Middle East of Asia or in the Central part of Europe where various languages are spoken, people are compelled to use a common language, and most people prefer English.

A blogger posted that Russians and Germans around the European vicinities do embrace their idioms as their native languages and English will still and will always be considered as an international language. However, for the sake of proper and easier communication, without necessarily being told or educated, English is the most used idiom among the vicinity. Right now, English will still be considered by most foreign countries everywhere in the world, yet most people will prefer to learn English above all foreign languages.

This blog does not necessarily expand the importance of English in our lives you know. This is not also to degrade other foreign languages. It’s just that, it happens that English is currently the most utilized language we now use. If only Spanish is the most used language, then people will really indeed be compelled to learn Spanish because it is the worldly language’ but it’s not. Thankful we are that some people have exerted the effort to learn Spanish and other foreign languages, but as far as English language is concerned, a person learning this idiom will not only be benefited with it because it covers lots of aspects, but because that person contributes to the need of people to make communication universal.

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