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The Perks of Menswear.

Posted on the 02 October 2011 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo
In honour of my first shift (in ages!) back in menswear, I am re-posting this blog from Caitlin's and mine to mine! (if that makes sense... )
So without further ado, ladies and gents, here are 5 reasons why working in menswear is such great fun.
(1) Besides being a great perving tool, being in menswear means you get to play dress-up with men as much as you like; whether they are old, young, married, single, gay, straight, whatever! (Though it's definitely more exciting when they're young and hot.. hmm)
(2) Men are SO decisive. Whenever I am stuck in ladies fashion, I literally want to smack my head into a wall. Women can NEVER decide what they want, and they will spend 40 minutes wasting your time trying on everything, only to decide they want nothing. Men, on the other hand, will walk in, ask for a shirt, you'll show them two and they won't even try them on - they'll just buy them. I LOVE IT.
(3) Men are not NEARLY as disgusting and dirty as women. Excluding little ferrets who come and pee in the fitting rooms (yes, they are just that grose), men are generally pretty tidy. They will gather all the packaging from business shirts and bring them up to your counter, or they will at least try and hang garments back on the hanger (even if it's backwards or sideways). Women, however, will take 20 items into the fitting room and leave them in a giant heap on the floor. They leave their used lingerie in the fitting rooms (I once had a woman who STOLE a pair of knickers and HUNG UP her old ones on a hanger, then PUT THEM ON A RACK). Yes, women can be seriously dirty. No, men are not that bad.
(4) When a man comes in asking me to outfit him for a night out, he will listen attentively to everything I tell him. He will try everything I suggest on (because, believe it or not, I do know a thing or two about the department I'm working in!), and more often than not, will trust my judgement and buy at least two of the five items I show him. Women though, will hum and har over anything I show them, and eventually tell me we don't have what they're looking for (I will say though, that in intimate apparel that is a different story - they are usually very happy to hear what I have to say lol).
(5) Lastly, men can be outrageously friendly. I love how all I have to do is ask them how their day has been, and suddenly it becomes a massive chat about the Broncos game on Friday. If I ask women (ESPECIALLY if I'm in childrenswear), it turns into a rant about how crappy service is here now, blah blah blah. As if I don't already know this. Women - stick a sock in it.
Now please, don't get me wrong. I do think women are amazing (I am one, of course!) and I do have respect for them. But honestly, men can be so much easier to deal with!

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