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The Perfect Winter Coat

By F.b.c.reations @fbcreations
The perfect winter coat

We are girls who want more and more and more.

The quest for the perfect pant suit, the ultimate nail polish, the inexplicable urge for a little black dress with the je ne se quoi that will last forever but you don’t know exactly how to describe it. 

We all have been through it. 

This morning I was given my first personal shopper gig.

So she goes: ‘I need the coat of the winter’.

Then I go: 'It must be a car coat and preferably pink'.

One moment of silence is immediately broken by: "I have a budget, but it’s also my birthday. So please try to help me not to go over $100."

Oh music for my ears. The easy road would be to go into Celine or Marni and come out with THE coat. No doubt we would fall in love with the ideal fall garment.

The thrill of the bargain that will make you look like a million dollar is what I am after. So $100 top. I am in another continent and with a 6-hour disadvantage, stores may be closing soon and it’s Saturday. 

Coffee and Google have never been so adored by yours truly. This is what I want to do and multiple times a day. It’s my moment to prove I can do it. (Can we have it all?)

Am I or not the one that preaches that the 24-hour fab rule should be a daily habit like … breathing?

My business side talks to me: Vite, vite you are always on a budget as well, so you should be a master at showing the ace out of your sleeve.

My lazy ass and shy side: Remember I am in Miami and it’s November and sunny where do I go and look?

My never-been-more-determined-side: but I dream of a white Christmas all year long, now just imagine.

My OCD side comes out: start considering her lifestyle, the cold, the drizzling rain 

A look comes to my mind, a scene, a Saturday morning feel, with some lace and a big soft sweater (I know I have it somewhere on Tumblr or Pinterest, click, click click search. 

The perfect winter coat

That’s what I need. 

A couple of e-stores that she can have access to and I am still not happy with the result.

And then there it is. 

The perfect winter coat

The perfect winter coat

39,99 EURO I can’t believe it, why don’t you get two? It’s your birthday and that emerald slash forest green is so winter, woods, risotto coi porcini and fireplace.

The perfect winter coat

Does it ever happen to you that when you look for something in special you can never find it and it materializes under your nose when it’s less expected? 

If I am not wrong that is called the law of attraction but that’s a different story. 

PS choices are mine and I don’t get paid by any brand. It’s all genuinely naif. 

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