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The Party of Stupid, and Gullible.

Posted on the 05 February 2013 by Doggone
I don't know which is worse...that the right wing selects people like this as candidates for office, who say blatantly inaccurate and untruthful things......or that the right wing believes what they say, and then elects people like this into office.
But the next election cycle will be fascinating as Karl Rove and his new PAC tries to purge the GOP of the crazies and the tea party extremists who primaried out electable candidates, and replaced them with extremist tea party crazies.  The GOP waging war on their tea party darlings......this should be better than any movie anywhere, and we don't even have to buy a ticket. 
Pass the popcorn! Once again, fact / truth is stranger than fiction, and more fun to watch.
The Party of Stupid, and gullible.

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