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The Overnight Millionaire… The Real Story

Posted on the 15 July 2015 by Andykinsey @andykinsey
Jo Casey Coaching

Jo Casey – Being lucky in Life

Yesterday I received an email newsletter from Jo Casey; a good friend, coach of business coaches (yes that’s a real thing) and all round inspiring person. The email was about how as business owners, entrepreneurs and wanting to “live our dream”, we are subjected to the patter of those who claim to be able to help you create an “overnight success”. Wouldn’t it be nice to work for just one day and get a million pounds the next day, having done no work before that but just had a little idea… Well yes it would, but the real story is that this doesn’t ever happen – at least not in Jo’s experience, or my own.

Jo gives some examples:

[The] TRUTH? I didn’t make a dime in the first year of my business – I got into debt. Year 2 I broke even. Year three was when I could pocket some of that coaching cash. Marie Forleo had a bridge job for the first 7 years of her business. Rebecca Tracy took 4 years to reach 6 figures (and that girl can HUSTLE!) Andrea Owen has built her massive following over SEVEN YEARS.

And this reminded me a bit of my journey so far, indeed SEOAndy even had a 2 year break in service offerings whilst I went to work for another company – but the dream was to come back, and I did. SEOAndy in just a few weeks will be 7 years old! Nothing in life is ever easy that is really worth having, SEOAndy is now more successful than ever before.

Ultimately, success isn’t an overnight thing – it never has been and never will be. Athletes train for years often before competing nationally and globally, they climb the ranks before they become household names (like Mo Farah or Jess Ennis). Successful business owners such as Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington, don’t get to be an amazing success through just doing one thing & when it fails giving up. They persevere and try again, success for every entrepreneur i know is not an overnight event.

Step by step…

Posted by Jo Casey on Friday, March 21, 2014

Luck in Business

Rushi Munshi, A Bit of Luck

Rushi Munshi, A Bit of Luck

Later last night I also had the chance to speak with another good friend Rushi Munshi; entrepreneur, business strategist, coach, actor and more. Among the plethora of topics we spoke about was the idea of “luck” – and how it really does exist. People talk about being in the right place at the right time, that’s luck. Others talk about how they met their partner on a train or bus, that’s luck. There’s all kinds of luck, even those for business.

It’s true to say that I believe in luck, sometimes good things ‘just happen’ for me and my business.

But luck on it’s own is never enough, take a loving relationship that starts by a chance meeting (a bit of luck) – it’s only become a loving relationship because it was cared for, nurtured, real effort put into it. Without hard work that bit of luck could have been wasted.

Another example is when you get offered a contract for a service you offer, no quote needed just a straight up offer of work to you. Well that’s lucky right? Well yes, but that bit of luck requires you to work on it to make it happen, to care for it that it doesn’t fall apart – but also that bit of luck will spawn more luck.

Life …

— Rushi Munshi (@StarOfAstrology) June 16, 2015

What I am saying is…

Luck is attracted to those willing to work for it, Lucky things happen to those who work hard.

What This Means For You

Ultimately, all of the above boils down to one key idea:

Business become successful overnight through hardwork creating a bit of luck.

aka – business success is tied to the years of hard work you’ve put into learning your industry or skill set. If you go to university and study for 7 years to be a medic and create a new product which is a success quickly, its not just the time it takes you to create a product but the 7 years at uni, other jobs and even at school. Nothing happens overnight.

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