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The Overly Self-Indulgent, Absolutely Optional Non-Anniversary Anniversary Search Term Post

By Lostnchina @SueZ444
chunky monkey

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Image from: Help! (Wanted): The Story of Boogie Wang, Chloe Chu, Pinky Lo & One Kinky Ho

As my blog painfully drags its increasingly bulky ass into its third year – September 2013 – I’m humbled by the number of kind people who faithfully read my posts, despite the signed waiver about permanent brain damage.  (By the way, a “when do I get my $20?” doesn’t constitute a real signature.)  For those misguided 3.6 people – congratulations!  Thanks to your support, according to WordPress stats on search terms leading to my blog,  you are now following the fattest Chinese lotus blossom with the most enviable collection of granny panties in China.

Flower and candy cane did not come with the panty

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Image from:More a Tweet Than a Post: Happy Chinese New Year!

Now before I accept this honor – which I’ll put right next to the prize I found in the Cracker Jack box and that thing that fell out of the homeless guy’s mouth – I have to commend my fellow bloggers who have thoughtfully and consistently maintained their blogs for years.  I’ve obviously not learned a damn thing from them, but you can see who these hard-working people are on my Awards & Blogroll page.

In the two years since I’ve started this blog,

a)  my mother’s threatened me with a defamation lawsuit after reading Lies My Superstitious Chinese Mother Told Me and the Longevity Panties, Teaching My Elderly Chinese Parents the Computer, Hells Bells Palsy: The Symptoms of a Chinese Mother and Adventures in Absentmindedness, though fortunately with time she’s forgotten that I actually have a blog.

b)  a non-blogger wrote that after reading Why I’m Still Sarcastically Single Part One: Steak he was inspired to ask me to a non-steak dinner during his visit to China.  He said that he had a wife – in much the same manner as one would say one has pimple on his ass – implying that he wasn’t interested in me in that way.  If I was weirded out by his invite, I could bring “a friend” to this dinner.  His only request was that I not blog about him – because, of course, we can all figure out who this person is by his temporary email address which begins with the word doppelganger – probably the most searched term on the internet after chunky monkey, granny panties and poo.

Image from: The Power of Poo & Other Cross-cultural Conundrums

Image from:
The Power of Poo & Other Cross-cultural Conundrums

c)  none of my so-called friends reads my blog.  Sure, they subscribe with an email address and get my posts, but when asked whether they caught my latest piece, they’ll ask me whether I’ve got that $100 they lent me last year, or when am I going to haul away the crap I’ve stored in their garages now that I’ve moved back.

Yes, you’ve read that right.  Since 2011 I’ve been moving back to North America in bits and pieces and settling into the routines of a “civilized” western society.  Just last week Amazon.com asked me to respond to a question somebody had posted about these thick rubber cushion-y furniture floor protectors I’d purchased over a month ago.  The protectors were 4″ x 4″ x 1/2″ thick and were heavy duty enough to stop the casters on my bed from rolling around on the hardwood floor, so that I wouldn’t wake up with my legs hanging out of the window.

The questionWould they (floor protectors) still work if i were to stack them 2 deep? I am looking for something that will lift my sofa about an inch or so also…

hese things are soft and pliable, like cushions. Even if a cushion is 5

My answerNO.  These things are soft and pliable, like cushions. Even if a cushion is 5″ thick, when you put something heavy on it, like a pink bowling ball and a bucket of fried chicken, the weight will compress the cushion, causing the thickness to decrease.  If you plan to use these for your sofa, the weight of the sofa will compress the protectors, so they’re no longer 1/2″ thick.  If you sit on the sofa – which is what most people do – you’ll be adding further weight to the furniture protectors. Over time, the protectors will also lose its natural cushioning, so even if you managed to stack enough protectors to a height of 1″ they will not stay that way for long.

These grips are for keeping furniture from moving around and for protecting the floor, not for elevating furniture.  There are products specifically for elevating furniture on Amazon.com:  Raise Its. It has the dual function of elevating your furniture and protecting the floor at the same time.

Good luck with your furniture elevation/floor protection.

Surprisingly, out of all the shiny happy respondents, who were so gung ho that the pads would work if stacked two or three together, I was the only one who questioned whether the laws of gravity and weight might possibly affect the thickness of the floor protectors.  Not surprisingly, my answer was the only one that was not rated as HELPFUL. I’m sure if there was a BITCHY rating I would’ve gotten that.  It was probably the combination of the pink bowling ball and the bucket of fried chicken comment, which may have been misconstrued, though I’ve been known to have a bucket of fried chicken once in a while, but I don’t bowl – at least not in public and not with a bowling ball.  People who answer questions on Amazon seem very polite and helpful, and I should’ve chosen a more politically/socially-correct food, like no-MSG Chinese take out or gluten-free vegetarian pizza.  However, as Amazon’s been pestering me to rate things I purchased five years ago and sometimes no longer have, it’s hard to put a positive spin on these products.

But frankly, all I can think of as I get these emails from Amazon to post reviews and respond to inane questions is – after eight years of living and working in China drinking hideous Chinese rice wine, eating chicken gizzards, arguing with the customer service at every bank I’ve been to, dealing with my leaky condo, den mothering my employees and humoring my clients…has it really come down to this: harassing innocent shoppers on Amazon and poking fun at their frivolous consumerism?  Here was this poor woman – maybe a senior citizen who can’t easily get up from a sofa of standard height and whose sofa slides around like a penguin in heat on ice – asking a sincere and perplexing question – and I’m accusing her of being some lazy person who has a pink bowling ball for a companion and a bucket of the Colonel’s secret recipe for dinner.  Sarcasm in China seemed necessary; sarcasm on Amazon might get me banned from Prime membership or  worse – free standard shipping.

As Lostnchina.com enters its third year with me no longer in China I’m not sure what future posts will be.  But at least, I still have six draft posts in the works, and if I ever need further inspiration there’s still this catalog of pictures from China:

A chorus of fish heads from a restaurant in Guangdong.

Search terms: china fish heads, a chorus of fish heads, fish head soup, cold fish, small fish heads, stinky fish heads, a jury of fish heads, fish out of water, salmonella waiting to happen, a fine kettle of fish, fish heads fish heads, roly poly fish heads, fish heads fish heads, eat them up, YUM!

Heather, I'm still waiting for you to tell me what this bug is!!

Search terms: china bug on my linen laying eggs, big scary bug, green eggs but no ham, big bug, took me five minutes to scrape the @#$( eggs off of my clean sheets, china stinkbug, can’t you lay your *&%$& eggs on a tree like everyone else?
Heather, I’m still waiting for you to tell me what this bug is!!

A woman who takes her work - paper cutting tomorrow's handouts - to the bar of a TGIF in Taipei.

Search terms: woman using paper cutter at a bar in taipei, woman and paper cutter out on the town, single asian woman on a date with a paper cutter, paper cutters are easy, women are not, meet your next match on papercutters4love.com,  paper cutters better in bed, but terrible at conversation, the chinese lorena bobbit

Main course at a wedding in Guangdong - roast piglet.

Search terms: roast pig auspicious chinese wedding first course, must have roast pig at chinese wedding whether you want to or not, lucky chinese pig – luck for eater, not for pig, this little piggy never made it wee wee wee all the way home, new meaning to the term PIG OUT, hey! these maraschino cherries belong in my manhattan

Yes, really - silkworm pupae!

Search terms: fried silkworm pupae, tired of steak? silkworm pupae make a great high protein meal, silkworm pupae don’t taste anything like chicken, when confronted with fried silkworm pupae you’ll be wishing for the roast pig option, warning: fried silkworm pupae will cause you to make abrasive comments to old ladies on Amazon.com

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