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the Origins of the Fidget Spinner...

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
so it turns out those fidget spinners that can be so annoying, yet maybe helpful to kids who need help focusing on things, was created by a Jewish woman who thought of this as a way to get Palestinian kids to stop throwing rocks at Israeli police. Hat Tip to Aussie Dave of IsreallyCool..
the origins of the fidget spinner...
From Time's Money:
Catherine Hettinger has an inventor's mind: When she notices a problem, she tries to imagine a toy or device that can remedy it. So when she heard about young boys throwing rocks at police officers and people walking past them while visiting her sister in Israel, her wheels started turning. She started brainstorming devices that could distract young children and provide them with a soothing toy to play with. First, she thought of a soft rock that kids could throw. But then she tossed that idea aside, still thinking about other options when she returned to her home in Orlando, Fla. It was there that she eventually developed the idea that would become the original fidget spinner — more than two decades before the wildly popular device became the must-have toy for both kids and adults this year. “It started as a way of promoting peace, and then I went on to find something that was very calming,” Hettinger, now in her 60s, told MONEY of the fidget spinners, which she first began imagining back in the 1980s.
it took a lot of time until it went to market and became the hit it became , but these are the origins...
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