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The Old “we Have a Small Project but Would Love Your Premium .com” Did Not Work with Rick Schwartz

Posted on the 15 May 2024 by Worldwide @thedomains
Rick Schwartz

Rick Schwartz shared what he deemed a successful Domain negotiation. It was quite comical, and illustrates something I have been saying to friends in the corporate world for years. “If you are going to try to buy a domain name, find out who owns the name and see if you can research them.” Because someone would have to be batshit crazy to email Rick and offer $3,000 for a name like

I will say I was drinking some green tea that I spit out in laughter when I read the closing line of “You blow them a new asshole, and you ride into the sunset.” That should be the title of a book on domaining, hahaha.

The actual text from a successful Domain negotiation TODAY:

“We are interested in purchasing for a small project we have. We have similar domains already but would give us a shorter option. Can you please tell me the price of this domain?”

Me: Probably wont work for a small project. Into the seven figures.

“Hi Rick,   We would be willing to offer $3,000 for”

Me: You’re ridiculous. Beat it. “

The offer is on the table in case anything changes.”

Me: Go fuck yourself

And that’s how you do it! You don’t waste time with jerk-offs! You blow them a new asshole, and you ride into the sunset.

The old “we have a small project but would love your premium .com” Did not work with Rick Schwartz

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