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The Obscenity of Equating Gun Control with Genocide

Posted on the 27 August 2011 by Mikeb302000
So, I'm reading the posts by my fellow bloggers on the subject of gun control and genocide; there's not much I disagree with.
Those who employ the argument that gun control causes genocide should understand several things.  First, they share such beliefs with Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist groups.  To make things weirder, many such groups who claim gun control leads to genocide will also tell you the Holocaust was a myth.  These are your ideological bretheren.
Remember, next time you're at a gunshow--be sure to look for the vendors selling Nazi memorabilia.  Think about it; gunloons want you to believe they're all about preventing genocides--but they seem to have a great fondness for a regime that killed 6 million.
Is it coincidence that gunloons also tend to be racist, anti-gay, and against most civil liberties?
Additionally, since the debate over Health Care Reform has began--so has an effort by far right wing groups to claim genocides are caused by both gun control *and* universal healthcare.  In fact, you can find rightwing groups who claim abortion, public education and taxes lead to genocide . IOW, genocides are very often reduced to boogeymen by far rightwingers to militate against policies they don't like.
It's an obscene argument.  It's factually and historically false.  But the really grotesque aspect is that in claiming gun control leads to genocides is the implication the victims are to blame.  It's not far removed from those who would claim a girl kind of deserved rape because she was wearing a short skirt or a tight blouse.  But, with genocides, we are talking about thousands, millions of victims who are used as cynically as pawns.
If one requires evidence, one should note the vast majority of Jewish groups support gun control.  In fact, the NRA lists many of these Jewish groups and organizations as "enemies."

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