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The NRA Criticizes Deleware

Posted on the 02 June 2011 by Mikeb302000
 The Daily Reporter has the story of the unconscionable self-interest of the NRA..
"We can't determine the precise extent of the problem because unlicensed dealers are not required to keep records," Lippstone (Andy Lippstone, deputy legal counsel for Markell) said, adding that the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says 30 percent of illegally trafficked guns are connected in some way to gun shows.
It makes perfect sense that a market which is completely unregulated cannot provide statistics. Nevertheless, gun-rights fanatics have frequently trotted out pseudo-statistics showing how few crime guns come from gun shows.
The NRA response is typically hysterical, yet like talking-points in the policy division of any organization, you're sure to hear these repeated all over the pro-gun world.
In a letter sent out before Wednesday's committee meeting, the NRA urged supporters to contact lawmakers and urge them to defeat the bill.
"The true intent of this legislation is to move towards an ultimate ban on all private sales — even those between family and friends — regardless of where they occur," the letter reads. " ... Targeting your Second Amendment rights because politicians won't crack down on criminals is wrong and cannot be tolerated."
"The true intent" theory is one of the hallmarks of NRA rhetoric. In some cases I suppose the authors of this nonsense actually believe their own claims. But more often than not, I suppose they know better and in the most unscrupulous way they're attempting to fill the simple minds of their members with plausible lies. It's dirty and it's immoral and all the while dangerous people have an easier time buying guns because of it.
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