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The NRA Comes to Norway

Posted on the 23 July 2011 by Mikeb302000
The events are eerily similar.
The NRA Comes to NorwayIn 1995, NRA member Timothy McVeigh bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City because he was a gunloon who was convinced the Government was going to take away his guns.  The motivation behind McVeigh's act of terror was create an uprising against a "tyrannical" Government. Tim McVeigh had a long history with the NRA and gunloonery; in fact, one could say the NRA created Tim McVeigh and was a co-conspirator in the terrorist attack in Oklahoma City.  McVeigh's extreme views were shaped by the NRA and militia extremism; the bomb he used came from a design from an NRA bulletin board.
The NRA Comes to NorwayThe recent attacks in Norway were fairly identical.  The alleged terrorist had ties to right wing extremist groups and militias and believed an attack would create an uprising against a Government he disagreed with.
It can be argued that McVeigh was successful.  The NRA created someone who was able to kill over 300 Americans without any damage to itself.  In fact, the NRA is able to attack the BATF--McVeigh's primary target without penalty.
Now, what I know about Norway is about as much as Jon Sullivan (Linoge) knows about anything; that is, very liitle.  But I can guarantee an attack of this magnitude will cause Nowegians to demand stricter gun control as a response.  Why?  Because they understand they have a problem and are willing to work to prevent other such tragedies.  Sadly, the US will keep learning the lesson over and over again.

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posted on 28 July at 13:48
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the bomb he used came from a design from an NRA bulletin board.

See, now here is where you would usually cite your source Mikey.

posted on 28 July at 13:47
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LMFAO! You're actually publishing an article by Mikeb ?!?

By blounttruth
posted on 28 July at 05:21
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Does this mean that the anti gunner leftists are admitting to being eco terrorists like their counterparts? It makes one wonder the validity of stricter gun control in Norway, just like in Detroit and D.C. where they have the strictest gun laws, and yet violent crime is rampant, versus areas that are pro gun where violent crime stays low. Nice hit piece, but I think you have it bass akwards. When will the left realize that there are bat shart crazy people in the world and not all can be pegged to the NRA? In reality I do not think all of you leftists are terrorists, because I live in the realm of reality, not a collectivist utopia of socialism you desire so.

By Mike V.
posted on 28 July at 02:10
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A nut goes wacko Norway and kills people and mikeb blames the tool and the NRA. A nut goes wacko in Tuscon and kills people, anti gun people blame the tool and the NRA. What happened to holding the person accountable? By this logic we must blame cars and AAA for drunk driving deaths. Over the last 30 - 40 years, mentally ill have been "mainstreamed" rather than placed in settings where they can truly be treated.

By TennesseeJed
posted on 27 July at 22:25
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Wow, talk about stretching the truth. McVeigh killed 168, not 300, and the writer blames the NRA instead of the gov't itsself for the Waco disaster, that was what really set McVeigh off.

By Matthew Carberry
posted on 27 July at 20:04
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"Stricter gun control"? Really?

There may be calls for it in Norway but I would like you, mikeb, to explain, in detail, what additional law, on top of Norway's existing laws (which are easily looked up) you think would have had any effect in preventing this.

Norway already has laws that go far beyond the "sensible gun laws" that the VPC, Brady and CSGV desire for the USA and claim would prevent or reduce such attacks.

The proof is in the pudding, the restrictions didn't work in Norway (or anywhere else in Europe, which has its share of mass shootings) and won't work here.

In Norway all they produced was an island full of innocent children and young adults for the shooter to target with no armed adults, even police, available to intervene.

Uniformly, mass killers kill until they decide to stop or until armed people, police or civilian, engage them. Most of the time they then surrender or take their own life.

By humbermk4
posted on 27 July at 19:11
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This was forwarded on facebook. I was so taken aback by the blatently false "connections" as to want to try to set some things straight. But why try? The writer obviously has adopted a "position" that has moved way past an educated discusion and into a fantasyland of hateful rhetoric. The writer apparently chose to ignore the outrage of NRA members over McVeigh's "breaking the faith" of a soldier and his criminal acts. Owning guns to defend yourself, your family, your community, your country in no way "makes" you become a criminal.

By Molon Labe
posted on 27 July at 18:36
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"Now, what I know about N̶o̶r̶w̶a̶y̶ the NRA, guns, the Second Amendment, spelling and being a man is about as much as Jon Sullivan (Linoge) knows about anything; that is, very liitle."

There, fixed that for you. Pansy.

By Miguel
posted on 27 July at 18:24
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Mike, I know you are still in Italy, but libel is still a crime.

@Montoya: The fact that Breivik was free to kill because there as nobody armed to oppose him seems to escape Mike's limited logical resources. Applying Mike's twisted logic, it was him who enables Breivik to have an island full of victims. Mike and his kind are direct accomplices again using Mike's twisted way of thinking.

By Inigo Montoya
posted on 27 July at 18:14
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How, exactly, will stricter firearms control prevent people from committing violent acts? If somebody is intent on committing murder, they will find a way to do it (cars, bats, axes, kitchen knives, staplers, rope, poisons). Such things are especially easy when the victims are unwilling or unable to defend themselves.