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The Ninth Circle of Hell (BB’s Version)

By Bewilderedbug @bewilderedbug

I don’t know how well I managed this, but I hope it is okay – I took a little liberty with one or two parts – and there’s no way that Dr. Seuss would say the word *ss just to get a rhyme!  (sorry)  Oh dear, I do not believe this will be one of my best!  Enjoy. 

One of these days I will read this entire poem (the original), I promise!

The Ninth Circle of Hell (BB’s version)

The Ninth Circle of Hell  – Treachery

Above moaned the giants, enchained to the ledge,

complaining of their fate, us to the entrance they led,

Where Antaeus, unbound, lowered us into the pit,

The Ninth Circle of Hell where souls of the traitors in eternal punishment did sit.

I winced once and twice, expecting heat and flame,

But imagine my surprise when greeted with mind  numbing, icy pain.

The circle was frigid, not a flame in sight,

but ice water and frost, surrounded us on this torturous night.

There were four mini-circles, all enclosed in the Ninth,

where traitors galore writhed, all in plain sight.

The first one was Caina, where one category of traitors lay,

Those who betrayed their families, for the horrid games they did play,

Their faces were hot with shame, their bodies frozen and buried in ice,

Their doom was deserved for causing hurt, pain and fright.

We moved on through to Antenora, all frozen and numb,

The community traitors were not having any fun.

Again frozen in sin, their punishments harsh

They should have known better than to think they could behave like an arse.

The third was Ptolomaea, for those who were voluntarily horrid,

Each lay supline under ice, except for their shameful forhead,

They were accompanied by the souls of the living possessed,

whose bodies were overtaken by demons that would not let evil rest

We shivered through the horror, hoping for some relief,

but Judecca was worse, although interesting and “deep”

Set up like an art gallery, the souls were on display,

Frozen in time, with their members uncomfortably splayed

The quietest circle thus far, we ran through with a shiver,

but what greeted us next, definitely made us quiver

We had reached Cocytus, the center of Hell,

Where the king of all evil, the ultimate traitor, Satan, did dwell.

He was no man with red horns, pointed tail and evil grin,

Instead he was the epitomy of what could be considered sin.

A tri-beast was he, the most horrific kind,

with three heads with sharp mouths, six eyes and six wings.

His faces were scary, each of a different colour,

and each of them presented a slightly different horror.

In the mouth of the red face, Brutus was being eaten

Feet first he was chewed, while he gave up, his willpower beaten

Next to him in the neighbouring maw, Cassius faced the same fate,

The pallid yellow jaws working to keep him in place,

Paying for his sin would not be an easy task

He surely was ruing being a traitor in his past

The third chewed on someone I had been waiting to see,

Judas Iscariot, the traitor, had not gone free.

Satan was torturing him not only with his black maw,

But also skinning him alive, with his unholy, sharp claw.

As he chewed, the tri-beast did cry,

with sorrowful tears flowing freely from his six eyes.

He continuously beat his six wings, trying to fly away,

but created a draft, making his tears all the more solid thus forcing him to stay.

This was a perverse Trinity, hidden deep in the depths,

Impotent, ignorant and hateful, all in one, tied down by icy frets

It was ironic, but punishing the ultimate traitor this way was apt,

The all powerful, all knowing and loving God, definitely is a jovial chap

I balked when I was told that in order to escape,

It was an even more treacherous path I had to take,

Climbing down the tri-beast I thought I was going to die

And I was almost positive of this, when into the Twilight Zone I did fly.

To leave we re-enter, back to hell we seemed destined

but instead of the sinful, traitorous dark, we ended up somewhere festive.

On Easter Day on the other side of the world, we announce our success.

We have traversed the circles of Hell and returned at our best!


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Jason Hughes challenged me with “Dr Seuss rewrites a portion of Dante’s Inferno….” and I challenged Carrie with “Dysthymia”

Chain bound giants glare down on us, visible only waist up

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