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The Night of the Hunter

Posted on the 30 January 2013 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
The Night of the Hunter After learning of a stashed $10,000 hidden by his cellmate (Peter Graves) before his execution, a self-styled preacher (Robert Mitchum) with a "special arrangement" with God places himself in the lives of the deceased's family. After marrying then killing his flighty widow (Shelley Winters), he pursues their two young children, the only bearers of the loot's location, on a terrifying downriver journey. "The Night of the Hunter" is a distinct and horrifying visual wonder that is the result of a fortuitous and unlikely collaboration: In his only directorial effort (it was late in his career and the film was a box office flop), Charles Laughton works from a script by modern film criticism forerunner James Agee in a film that features a wonderful performance from screen pioneer Lillian Gish and ultimately, a haunting and career defining one from Mitchum. It's gothic visuals, such as shown in the scene depicting Winters' fate and the shadowy, animal-laden river sequence, only add to the strange and brooding atmosphere of this unique and chilling classic. 

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