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the Night Before ... the Move

By F.b.c.reations @fbcreations
the night before … the move

the day arrived and this is the last night in the loft. no pictures, books, frames, paintings, shoes in sight. they are all packed together with emotions, feelings, dinners, laughs, tears, projects, jewelry, homework, music, trips and memories. 

” A Christmas Carol” on TV inspired me to finish my closet and reduce it in garment bags. 

we had to part with some of our belongings (books, toys, sweaters, dresses, shoes). took pictures and stored them in a “mementos” file in the Ipad. while we donated them to whom may need them more, they will always be stored in the “cloud” and happily follow us.

the most significant beauties (such as Cecilia’s First Communion dress) are all boxed in storage: an extension of our lives. Ebenezer Scrooge had the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. my “movie” wasn’t as tortured, however there was a past, a present and a future.

after prepping for the entree oficiel in the new place, I’m finally resting in bed for the “last supper” in the loft: pecorino with truffles, crostini toscani and a glass of super tuscan (yes I really got nostalgic and tried to re-enact an evening in San Gimignano trying to ingnore the echo of the empty walls).

looking for “brainless TV”, I find “Sex and the City - The Movie” and there is Carrie moving out of her apartment to move in the dreamy pad the Big bought. so again boxes, moving, detaching, relationships come and go, friends, kids, New Years Eve. and as Carrie would say “I couldn’t help but thinking” is this a coincidence?

the sky is dark, new moon, Cecilia is in NYC and it’s any other Sunday evening for everybody else, but not me. the future is outside that door.

in bocca al lupo and may this be the beginning of a new chapter full of joy, peace, happiness, accomplishments, health, love and lots of shoes.


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