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The New York Times Version of Gun Control

Posted on the 23 March 2012 by Mikeb302000
The Truth About Guns posted about this New York Times article by columnist Gail Collins.  Part of her solution to the gun violence problem is this incredible passage.
. . . a strict national gun-control law that makes it very difficult to get a concealed weapons permit, permits gun dealers to sell only one handgun per individual per year, and makes it illegal for even permit holders to keep handguns anywhere but their home, store or car glove compartment unless they are employed in the security business.
One of the TTAG commenters copied and pasted this comment from the New York Times:
“Dean H Hewitt Sarasota, FL
March 22, 2012 at 7:26 a.m. RECOMMENDED 451
I live in Florida and you should hear the excuses to carry a gun to the local Starbucks. Most of the guys wanting concealed weapons permits are of two main ilk. There is the group who have had minimal exposure to firearms and think after watching Jason Bourne Movies, it would be cool to carry and have an impact (like save the damsel in distress). The other main group is the masculine tribe who have gone to seed. Yeah that group who hasn’t seen their own junk in twenty years with out the help of a mirror. They may have been in the military, maybe once been an avid hunter but I believe worried they no longer have it to protect themselves or project the proper image. They want the gun to feel like a man. Both groups are scary because we may get shot in the crossfire. Just to frame these comments, I served in the military during Vietnam. I also carried in 5 different states while working for Brinks as a manager. It is not fun to carry, at least for me. It is a responsibility to properly act when you have such power. I never though it was worth the risk to me or others.”
I haven't had such a good laugh all morning. Between Gail's one-gun-a-year suggestion and Dean's "two main ilk," I don't know what's funnier. Of course, I loved it all.
What do you think?

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