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The New Wildcard: Major League Baseball's Worst Call

Posted on the 06 March 2012 by Wallstlawblog @Wallstlawblog

Extra Wildcard Is an OK Idea, but The Plan is All Wrong.

Let's see - 162 game season; unbalanced schedule; 1 game playoff?

Hypothetical: Let's say the NL East is the best division in the Sr. Circuit. True, the Mets couldn't win a little league title, but the other 4 teams look pretty good on paper. Now, let's give the Phillies the division title. They have three of the top 10 pitchers in baseball, and probably the top 2 starters in the NL in Halladay and Lee. Plus, they are my squad!

Ok - so the Phils are in. Now, the unbalanced schedule means that you play somewhere around 60 percent of your games against your own division. Actually, I don't know the real number, but I feel like the Phillies play the Nats every other week. Assume that everyone beats up on the "Amazins" - I live 20 minutes from Citi Field - but, except the Phillies, the other teams are right around 500 against each other. Then add the fact that the NLE and ALEast play each other every year in interleague every year.

Cutting to the Chase, is it fair that teams in the NL Central and NL West play primarily against their own weaker divisions, yet battle for a playoff spot against teams with much tougher schedules. Hey, I know it was like this with only 1 Wildcard also. But now - to play a 162 game season, fight your butt off for a playoff spot and just get in, and as a reward, you get 1 playoff game - there are no 1 game series in the REGULAR SEASON.

Another Wildcard is ok. But let's do it right. Go back to the balanced schedule, get rid of interleague play, and make the Wildcard round best of 5.

Enough said.

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