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The New Party Manifesto, Or a Rome By Any Other Name

Posted on the 07 December 2014 by Lugalcain @ur_sheep

I am grateful for the opportunity WordPress has provided me these past few years, and overall ecstatic that throughout it all somehow I am still able to hit these keys and offer my opinion, while having the blessing of living in a nation based, allegedly, on freedom and human rights. I am also grateful that, despite the general incompetency and greed that characterizes most politicians, a certain few individuals have managed to keep us from total annihilation and otherwise eating each other (and not in a good way).

I have, however, been quite apprehensive of late, as it seems more and more our leadership is straying from those premises that once made America the greatest nation in the world. Now, while it remains a financial powerhouse comparable to the rest of the world, its wealth is now largely the product of the combination of stores and accumulations of past eras, and borrowing, this last mostly accrued by the constant war that is music to the ears of all big bankers.

There are several problems with being the police of the world and as having war as your modus operandi, and apparently nobody has taken the time to mention these. Let’s take a moment to remember the Roman Empire, a great Empire. Rome, when it was “on top,” was the benchmark for all civilizations. It was great in every sense, its people, and even those it conquered, the freest in the world, with all the luxuries the globe could provide. Political freedom, speech freedom, even sexual freedom, were at their all-time highs. Life in Rome was good. Caesar taught every politician about how well bread and circuses serve to calm the populace. Give them entertainment, and fill their bellies, and they will offer you no trouble.

Shortly after the height of this Empire, something happened. Rome became decadent to the point of straying from its founding principles. The wars kept going, as the unchecked spending by the government – not just for the bread, or the circuses – had drained the coffers. Now our nation needed to war in order to sustain its spending and good-old-boy greasing. The problem was, Rome became weak. It needed to war, but few now wanted to fight anymore. They wanted their bread and their circuses and that’s it.

Having to bring back some booty though required men. So, what Rome did was hire foreigners and mercenaries to fight for them, assuming wrongly that entrusting your livelihood and your nation to such hired guns would still yield a profit. The cities of Rome, by relying on a military-industrial complex, fell like dominoes, to invaders, to disease, and to financial ruin.

The fall of the Roman Empire should be a lesson to us today, but apparently few can see the similarities, maybe blinded by the fact that American soil has been basically bomb-free (terrorists excluded) since Pearl Harbor, the mainland seeing no foreign bullets in quite some time. Here in America today nobody starves, and entertainment – or circuses – have become themselves perhaps the most successful industry. Life, in America, is good.

Lest this be only a history lesson, the purpose of this post to posterity is to say that as an American, in anno 2014, I think I am being led by buffoons. That somehow, by allowing everyone equal vote regardless of intelligence and experience, perhaps, or maybe by the winners being able to play the Flag Tune at its proper time, America has become a corrupt entity at odds with even its own founding documents, dependent on foreign goods in order to eat, and mercenaries in order to fight, largely because it, like Rome, continues to need to war in order to maintain its “economy.” “Freedom” is not an overriding manifesto behind all things here anymore, as even basic “freedoms” have had to be defended, due to developments like the Patriot Act and so forth. Citizens allow themselves to be paid to spy on other citizens, and basic rights and freedoms are allowed to be postponed due to ethereal things like “threats of terrorism.”

Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, now Yemen, etc., but never Saudi Arabia, all these military actions by the USA were begun on Executive Orders. Ever since Nixon used this very special privilege to try and defend himself during Watergate, Presidents especially have used it to invoke war. Using this, the Executive Branch can bypass ANY legislation and operate without ANY approval of Congress or The People.

So, as I say, I am a bit apprehensive, because I fear that without change America will soon go the way of old Rome. The decadence is not so bad in itself, but the debt and the lack of moral direction is a major problem. Not being the type to just let the dinosaur die, I think an infusion of new leadership can change the direction of the nation. It begins with a weaning-off of the bank dependency. You simply cannot continue to spend money you do not have. As is over half of the income taxes accrued by the Revenue Service of America, your money, is spent on interest on the national debt. Another good two-thirds of the remainder goes to military. This leaves approximately 20% of all moneys collected that have to go to bot only government operations and employees, but also their maintenance. One wonders how the less than 10% of money collected can manage to pay for welfare, Medicaid, Education, health, and other civil services. Throw in the fact that nearly 60% of adult Americans are receiving some sort of government subsidy, check, or dole, and it is no wonder we need to borrow money to survive.

But how can it be that a country can even borrow money? A nation cannot sign a lien, a nation cannot negotiate. At best someone can claim to speak for the nation and sign for the nation, and therefore should be responsible for that nation. But this is not the case. Instead, somehow in America there exists money that does not belong to Americans, that indeed Americans must pay to get. If America borrows money to survive, one would think the greater power is the one that should be running the show. And it does.

So, before I die, I want to offer at least, for your discussion, a new political platform, for what shall be called simply the New Party. Yes, it has been done before, never with much success. You see, the red and blue teams, those two megalithic parties that dominate all American politics, are really just two sides of the same coin. They are offered to you, by the bankers and other big business people who really run the show, so that you think you have a choice. In reality, whichever side you pick, the real power wins. This real power is not the Illuminati, or lizard men, or those who have special pacts with the demons, or a Jewish Kabal. The real power is the richest men in the world, especially Big Bankers and Big Business. These are people who only need a 1 point interest to make millions. Who they are exactly makes no difference, as this changes generation to generation. They donate to both political parties lavishly, so that when the time comes whichever party wins, it has been sufficiently “greased.” Big oil, pharmaceuticals, Hollywood, Lockheed, the biggest construction companies (Halliburton, Cheney, etc.)…they are big such donors. Blackwater and its clones, as well.

This so you understand the first point of this Manifesto.


1. All banks shall immediately forgive America of all its debts and the balance must now be ZERO. Failing this, ALL BANKS shall no longer be permitted to do any work in this country. They will be driven out by force otherwise. In this case, we would break with the banks and if necessary even the gold standard, and if isolation is required, so be it.

2, There shall be immediate removal of American military troops from everywhere in the known world. These troops will be repositioned and coordinated so as to best protect the country from within. The logistics alone will save the nation trillions, while in fact strengthening its defensive stance. America will be safer, and the military troops doing good. If this requires a reduction in forces, so be it. Unlike Rome, which invaded countries then brought back trains of gold and myrrh and other booty, after our wars we only bring back bills and sick soldiers.

3. America will no longer invade any country unless America first obtains at least 60% approval of the people. Whether this be through direct vote or through Congress makes no difference.

4. All political parties shall be disbanded and marked as Cartels. Everyone from now on will run as an independent. This will serve to balance out the alternatives and give everyone fair chance not based solely on money, hence,

5. There will be provided a special Government TV and Radio channel, whereon any prospective politician might get his or her exposure free of cost. Everyone shall be given equal slots of time, and no debate shall be exclusive.

6. Ambassadors and the like shall only be sent to selective countries, as they cost money and sometimes friendships. They should be reciprocal, in short, we will only go where we are wanted, and you can only come here if we want you.

7. Price controls shall be levied on all necessities. This means electricity, gasoline, internet, telephone, television, and the like.

8. All health care shall be free for all citizens. It will be paid for by the moneys that were going to military excursions and by taxes everyone will pay equally. Since prices will be controlled, expenses will be much less. Health care professionals will repay schooling costs by a term in public service.

9. Insurance will no longer be necessary because health and education will be the two main things government provides its citizens. What good is the government at all, otherwise?

10. Special pensions, say for being a retired ex-Congressman, or ex-President, will be revoked. These special pensions cost a lot, and are not needed because of the pension system, which now will occur at 68 years of age, at minimum. Older people unable to do physical work will be given jobs teaching youth, where experience might educate for us.

11. We will not stick our nose where it doesn’t belong. If it does not concern us it is not our business. If Syrians or Libyans want to fight amongst themselves, or if Jews and Palestinians want to beat each other up, or if somebody wants to call us names, that’s their business. Unlike past administrations, we will not assume our nation superior to yours, but if you mess with us, there will be trouble.

12. We shall close our borders completely, at least for a decade. This is to get ourselves straight and paid for, to maintain the infrastructure, and then prepare for new citizens, who could be selectively admitted after that time. Illegal aliens will be immediately deported.

13. Freedoms shall extend to the workplace. Somehow some geniuses thought it a good idea to say your job can restrict your natural rights, in effect rendering you a slave. This cannot continue. It must be made clear that liberties ALWAYS abide.These are nothing new, but already-existing Constitutional freedoms and liberties. This means, essentially, so long as you hurt nothing, or harm no one, thereby violating someone else’s liberties, you can still, indeed, say or say, or do, or ingest, or grow, whatever you please. The Patriot Act and similar “Acts” of Congress not directly voted on by the people,  shall be immediately repealed as unconstitutional.

14. We shall slowly wean our ourselves off our foreign dependencies. This means Chinese and Hong Kong, and Taiwan, etc. goods, Mexican, South American, etc. foods, and so on. We shall develop these industries on our own lands, and the fixed money situation will allow people to survive on the moneys earned in these industries. If they can do it, we can do it. I AM NOT advocating a trade black or embargoes. Trade will continues, but the deficit must be fixed, meaning, we must at least sell to another country as much as we buy from it.

15. All those able to work will work. We will find something for nearly everyone to do. There will be a CAP on the amount of worth of any single individual. If you do not like this, you can leave with 1/2 your assets. Right now this cap will be two million dollars per person, meaning your family of four might have 8 million. Sounds like enough to me to pay for your funeral.

16. As an experiment, we shall move into the direction where there shall be firing squads, mental institutions, and retribution camps. But there shall be no more prisons. Crime must become a thing of the past.

And so on, it is not complete, or perfect, but it is a start. Just don’t tell me it can’t be fixed. Too many people I have known have said to me “Do you really want that job, that responsibility?” In the past, I thought they have a point. But, given what is currently allowed to run the show, I say confidently even I could do better. While I am not writing this to gain support for my own candidacy, I can say that were I to take the reins, you would not be able to corrupt me, and I could, if not fix it, improve it. I will not ever lie to you as your leader, at least, and I will not be bought by any amount of money. These are the types we need again, the ones who have hidden away, some not even bothering to vote, who have unwittingly left the fortunes of their country in the hands of incompetence. Wake up, realize it doesn’t have to be the way it is.

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