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The New Adelphi – an Art Deco Masterpiece

By Janeslondon
A magnificent example of Art Deco architecture overlooks the River Thames.
Built in 1936-8 on the site of Adam brothers' original Adelphi this quietly impressive masterpiece with its clean lines and classical detailing still looks almost brand new today.
The New Adelphi – an Art Deco masterpiece
Today's architects should learn lessons from this efficient and functional yet attractive building and move away from the clip-togther panelled monstrosities that are being constructed as I write this. Though I expect, having shorter shelf lives the new builds are a constant source of revenue... hmmm.
The Adelphi boasts exquisite carvings and motifs at strategic places such as around the doors plus four large sculptures on the corners of the river-facing side each commissioned from less well-known artists of that era including Walter Gilbert and Arthur JJ Ayres who created the fabulous panels on and adjacent to Hornsey Town Hall in Crouch End:

The New Adelphi – an Art Deco masterpiece

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The Adelphi Story here.
The interior of the Adelphi building is just as marvelous as the exterior. See here for more.

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