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The Need for Spain to Learn English

By Tlb

Spain used to be a very powerful country during the 15th century. During those times, they have been journeying from place to place in search of a very fine material that adds up to their success as conquerors. It was during this time when the Spanish era overcame the country of the Philippines, the fact that this country was named such because it was derived from King Philip’s name, the ruling King of Spain at that time.

The influence of Spanish regime continued to rule over the Philippines, that is why, even up to this present times, there are practices that Filipinos are still doing ever since the Spaniards ruled over them. It was a history that contributes to both countries’ current state.

But right now, it seems like Spain “is struggling with a recession”. This is to quote the statement written in an article posted by the Voice of America News where it also stated that “more than one in five Spaniards are out of work.” It was the country’s struggle that unemployment seem to creep behind their economy.

But, not all bad things occurred during these times because part of the economy is doing so well. This is the area where Spanish people are increasingly progressive in learning English language.

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According to the article, “a report this year from the EF Education First Company listed Spain as a “low proficiency” country in English. Spain ranked just below Italy and just above Taiwan. About a fifth of the world speaks Spanish.”

As a result, Spanish people are compelled to learn English even at simple ways; ways like availing the lessons a famous TV channel that allows them to learn language like English. This channel is owned Richard Vaughan.

Richard Vaughan, described by Lauren Frayer, is from Texas but for thirty-five years has lived in Spain and currently operates the country’s biggest English teaching company. Its own channel, known as Aprende Ingles (Learn English) is Spain’s only national channel in English. He said that the people are learning English not because of cultural reasons, though some do so. The purpose of Spanish people watching Vaughan’s channel is to take classes to get a better job.

For Spain, this seems to be a stressful times because they get to be in need to learn English language. But, if we look on the bright side, it is of great advantage that they are able to learn English right? Feel free to respond.

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