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The NCAA Is A Big Bunch Of Clowns

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit


This is nothing new to anyone who follows college sports.  The leaders of our student athletes care more about money than they do the student athletes, the schools themselves, academics or anything else.  They let big infractions slide, choosing to clean up the mess years after the laws are broken but find time to nab the smallest rule breakers out there.

Case in point, from Yahoo Sports:  ”At a time when college athletics is overrun with rogue agents, unscrupulous coaches and handlers who exploit athletes for money, it’s reassuring to know not every unrepentant rule-breaker goes unpunished.  Hearty congratulations to the NCAA for penalizing a student-athlete from a West Coast Conference school for the unspeakable crime of washing her car with the university’s water and hose.”

Wait, there’s more.

Just heard about two NCAA violations in WCC.1) athlete using Univ. water to wash car, 2) coach text recruit “who is this?”. #stopinsanity

Eric Reveno (@CoachReveno) May 29, 2013

Just so we’re clear, it’s illegal, in the eyes of the NCAA, to use water, from a hose, from a faucet connected to a university building.  Is that the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard?  Also, who is snitching?  Because the article goes on to say this: “A WCC school self-reported an extra benefits violation to the NCAA when university officials caught one of their women’s golfers washing her car on campus, according to the source. The NCAA ruled a secondary violation had occurred because the water and hose were not available to regular students and requested the golfer pay back $20, which was deemed to be the value of the water and use of the hose.”  

Now, I don’t know a lot about this shit, but 1.  What person in their right mind sees a student washing her own car and says to themselves, “hey, I bet that’s an NCAA violation.  I should probably report it.”  2.  TWENTY BUCKS?  FOR WATER FROM A  HOSE?  Are you serious NCAA?  I would have given it to them in pennies and told them to choke on it.  Something needs to be done about these idiots running the NCAA.  When that administrator called they should have said thanks, but no thanks.  That golfer, who probably won’t go pro, wasn’t thinking about putting one past the NCAA when she decided to wash her car.  This is nothing like athletes taking money and gifts knowing damn well they are breaking the law but also understanding that as long as they win games and bring in the cash everyone will look the other way.  It’s a freakin’ joke of an institution and this shows how cynical they can be.

P.S. I bet when a football player is washing the mercedes a donor bought for him with university water, no on gives a damn.  Nut up NCAA, you clown organization.

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