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The Mydidi App Review

Posted on the 05 August 2016 by Amreen Shaikh @Amu1312

Wait? Don't agree to that! I'm not always right! One can have a sparkling and clean house. Yes, I agree that it means regular cleaning while the office's project synthesis is running through your mind and then the fear of deadlines, or maybe, hiring a maid for cleaning purpose, but then carrying the heavy load of tantrums that she throws or the demands that she claim, making you to not even stand her in your presence- I completely get it!

Then how can our homes be neat and tidy everyday?

I was recently offered to review the Mydidi App which is an on-demand application to avail domestic service at home based on a pay-per-minute system.

What is Mydidi?

  • platform of trained women professionals delivering household services.
  • currently provides home cleaning solutions, but would soon be incorporating other areas like cooking, beautician, etc.
  • cost for the service is 149 INR/hour.
  • service can be availed by simply downloading the app from Google Play (). Once downloaded, one needs to feed in their contact number for login/signup purpose, after which a verification code is sent for authentication, and one is registered to demand the services.
  • various services provided namely, Regular Cleaning (everyday cleaning), Deep cleaning (special cleaning for occasions), Commercial Cleaning (Office cleaning) and Subscription (30 hours cleaning package at a reduced price of 99 INR/hour)

How was my experience?

I downloaded the Mydidi App on my android and registered, which was simple and easy. As I wanted to try out the regular cleaning service, I clicked on Book Now, where I had to just schedule my booking date and time, address, apply the promo code, if any and then I confirmed the booking. I had called for cleaning on 26th July, 2016 at 11.00 AM. The didi was on time. She had 2 bags with her, which contained the cleaning supplies, meaning, we aren't required to provide her with anything for cleaning, not even a cloth. The didi was dressed in a dark blue salwar kameez and a sleeveless grey jacket- their uniform. The moment she greeted us, she called the service centre that she has arrived and immediately, I received a notification, that the time for cleaning has started. This seemed very punctual and organized to me.

Didi started with dusting the entire house, and I must say, she was very particular in cleaning even the minute dust. Later, she cleaned the floor. After that, she did the utensils and then mopped the entire house. I was somehow fascinated with the mop she used, because it was very convenient and saved a lot of water, which the maids usually waste by using different buckets of water for every room.

The Mydidi App Review

The Mydidi App Review

The entire work took her almost one and a half hour, so the bill amounted to some 225 INR, but the cleaning she did was commendable. Her work was excellent and I'm sure, everyone is aware how our maids work, with 0% interest in the chores and sometimes, we feel like doing it on our own. But, the didi was very hygienic while using the equipment and she even washed and cleaned all of them after use. Overall, my mom was satisfied with the service and she has already informed her friends and our relatives to avail the service, as it is worth it.

Who can avail the service?

Anyone! It is best suited for office-going individuals who have less or no time for cleaning, as it also has a 30 hour subscription package. Apart from that, the service is also beneficial for those who have recently moved into a new place and have no cleaning equipment.

Overall, how is the Mydidi App?

  • Simple and convenient to use
  • Punctual and Organized
  • Reasonable Service Charge
  • Excellent Service
Have you tried the Mydidi App? Do you plan to use it? Share your views, ideas and opinions in the comment section.

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