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The Most Unusual Funeral Flowers

By Simon Crowther @prestigeflower

Some flowers have come to be associated with remembrance and love, and have become exclusively funeral flowers. Carnations, with their long lasting freshness and colours, and chrysanthemums, often included in flower arrangements for funeral services, are two examples of the flowers most likely to be considered classic and appropriate for funerals. However, we are not fully bound by tradition when choosing the right arrangement, and sometimes what feels like the best choice to us could be more appropriate and fitting even if the flowers may seem exotic to others.

funeral wreath
Matching flowers to your loved one’s tastes or color preferences may lead to more unorthodox choices depending on the season for example, but you should not be afraid to choose a bolder tribute if it seems like a better fit. Orchids are a type of long lasting flower that is not often seen at funeral services, but can express a great deal of emotion and be a more personal choice. Another option to consider are sunflowers, a fresh and brightly coloured alternative to chrysanthemums, which traditionally symbolise spiritual faith. The sunflower is also associated with remembrance, and Greek mythology speaks of a grieving water nymph who turned into a sunflower in order to eternally gaze upon her love, the sun god Apollo.

The forget-me-not is also a rather unusual choice for funeral flowers and arrangements, but with its associations with love and hope and with its beautiful and rare blue colour, it shouldn’t be dismissed. Blue flowers are hard to find, and most choices are closer to the purple end of the spectrum rather than light blue, so forget-me-nots can help design a more appropriate arrangement should you wish to reflect your loved one’s appreciation of the color blue. Forget-me-nots are also wildflowers, and if potted or replanted in a special place they could turn the location into a place of fond remembrance and reflection for years to come.

To express a very sincere and heartfelt emotion, hydrangeas might be the better choice for you. With their full flowers and availability of color choices, hydrangeas could be easily customised to reflect your loved one’s hobbies and tastes. Whilst hydrangeas are very unusual funeral flowers, often used more in interior decoration thanks to their great number of brightly coloured petals, they are a symbol for sincere feelings, whether these are feelings of love, of longing, or of remembrance. Sometimes choosing a very unusual flower will make a gesture much more thoughtful and full of meaning.

This post was written by Philip Crowther. Philip is the director of Prestige Flowers and is passionate about all things related to flowers and horticulture. Several years experience in the trade has helped to develop a good knowledge of horticulture and a love of sharing the wisdom learned.

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