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The Most Unusual Engagement Rings

By Jonathansfinejewelers @Jon_Siegel

Sapphire Engagement RingsAt Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, we are fairly traditional when it comes to what our customers want in engagement rings.  In fact, I can probably count on one the hand the times that we have been asked to make and design something out of the ordinary.  The most out of the box engagement rings we usually design might have a sapphire or emerald as a center stone, or be incredibly blinged out with diamonds everywhere.

I often wonder what type of customer it would take to make some of those unusual engagement rings, and frankly, wouldn’t mind trying my hand at some of them, as it might be kind of fun!

We did have one fella who came in and asked for something out of the ordinary….

engagement rings

Yes, those are naked ladies next to the diamond that is set in a bezel setting.  Considering that is the MOST unusual engagement ring we have ever designed, I went on a hunt to find some that might spark some ideas for you, just in case you want something out of the box.

The Most Unusual Engagement Rings

Every lady wants bigger, right? How about if you could have three carrots? This ring made me laugh.  Men, I wouldn’t recommend this if your love doesn’t have a good sense of humor, but it is a cute idea!

How about a Killer Engagement Ring? I have never been asked to set a diamond with the culet facing up, but I guess if you are worried about self-defense, then you can certainly do this, just be careful when you are shaking hands with someone!

If you are short on funds, but still want to give a little something, try this band-aid on for size.  No, really, it’s a band-aid.  Seriously.

If your gal happens to be a tech geek, then a USB engagement ring is for her.  The big Swarovski crystal pops off to show a USB that she can plug in and store all her love notes that she is writing to you or the wedding plans that she needs to save from her hard drive!

And last but certainly not least, if you ever wondered what you should do with all those teeth you lost as a child, wonder no more! Set them in a ring and give them as the gift that keeps on giving.  Talk about carrying a piece of someone with you…literally.

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