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The Most Perfect Late Summer Fragrance.

By Winyeemichelle
The most perfect late summer fragrance. beautyreview

The most perfect late summer fragrance.

The most perfect late summer fragrance.
The most perfect late summer fragrance.

Inspired by the beauty of wonder.
After a particularly chilled and hazily love-worn August evening last night, it seems to be that late summer is upon us in all of its golden skied, daydream infused goodness. It’s that mesmerising gap in the year filled with last-minute barbecue plans, star-gazing in the evening, fruity breakfasts in the morning sun and enchanting traces of that unmistakeable summer scent. You know, that fresh air laced with lavender and hydrangea and jasmine and remnants of summer grills? That.
Right now I’m into wearing a mix of Givenchy’s Dahlia - my new signature scent, for sure! - and Orion by Tiziana Terenzi. Orion is a fragrance from Tiziana Terence’s Luna collection, a collection inspired by the beauty of wonder, a.k.a. a range almost designed especially for me, no? When it comes to perfumes, my friends and family usually assume I’ll opt for a fresh, floral fragrance but most of the time I’m into those warmer musks, laced with oud and spicier notes, and that’s just what Orion is. It’s spicy and salty and you can really get a sense of bergamot, jasmine, amber, our and cedar. It’s also got notes of apple, pineapple, patchouli and thyme but I can’t really smell those.
The most perfect late summer fragrance.
The most perfect late summer fragrance.

The fragrance is inspired by the parfummakers’ father and their sailboat holidays, a structure made of fragrant wood. And the fragrance does smell just like an exotic beach holiday, where I’d often be forced onto one of those bloody glass-bottomed boats, a.k.a. my worst nightmare because I can’t swim!
Oh! And I can’t finish up a late-summer post without mentioning the ‘lunar’ inspired bottle, right? Just in keeping with my favorite part of this time of year - the Perseid meteor showers - the bottle features the most lovely gold-tone lid with a little chart of the lunar phases. Just perfect.

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