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the Most Luxurious Donut in the World

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I think most [Jewish] people have an impressions in their minds when thinking of what put Lakewood on the map. Most people probably think of Rav Ahron Kotler opening Beit Medrash Gavoha (sp?), aka Lakewood Yeshiva, which has thousands of young men learning there daily, and over the decades since being founded they have churned out hundreds of thousands of students and have made a major impact on their city, and also on all of American Jewry.
Well, it looks like that legacy of Lakewood is about to be redefined.
A local distillery, Terebelo Disillery, in conjunction with a Michelin chef and Bikur Cholim of Lakewood, has decided to create a world record setting donut for Chanukah that will then be sold at auction with the proceeds going to charity (to the Bikur Cholim organization).
According to Lakewood Alerts, it wont actually be an official world record because when they called Guinness Book of World Records to notify them about the event and to have them come confirm the record (to be called Most Prestigious Donut, in a new category), Guinness told them it would cost $18,000 so they decided not to bother.
So, this magnificent donut that possibly would have set a world record, is designed to measure more than a foot across (diameter, I guess). The donut will have an infusion of the Tebelo Distillery's bourbon custard cream and will be topped off with gold flakes. They say it will be the most luxurious donut in the world.
I dont know, if when you bite into it a glob of red jelly doesnt squirt out all over your shirt I am not sure it counts.
After completed, the donut will be sold at auction, with proceeds going to Bikur Cholim of Lakewood.
While in the past we have said that Chanukah is the only thing about which the term "mehadrin min hamehadrin" is actually used in our holy texts, this donut will bring that to a new level. And I am assuming this donut will be certified kosher.
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