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The Most Functional Towel in Golf - Goose Golf

By Eatsleepgolf @eatsleepgolf
The Most Functional Towel in Golf - Goose Golf
Outside the essentials (clubs, bag, balls & tees) I would have to say the most important golf accessory is a golf towel.  A golfers towel plays a vital role in ensuring your clubs and your balls are clean from dirt, allowing them to perform at their best.  A couple month ago, in our article 'Goose Golf - Play Clean Golf' we briefly introduced you to the Goose Golf brand.  Now, having had the opportunity to see it, use it and put it through some rigorous testing, I wanted to provide some further insight into what this product has to offer.
Three Layer Wet/Dry Design

The Most Functional Towel in Golf - Goose Golf
This towel is boasted as a wet/dry towel... It conveniently folds open at the bottom allowing golfers to wet the inside, while the outside layer stays dry.  I was a little skeptical at first as to how well it would work, and so this was the first thing I wanted to test out.  After trying it out, to my surprise, this function of the towel worked fantastically, where the wet inner layer allowed me to clean my clubs, and the outer layer did in fact stay dry allowing me to dry my hands and/or wipe down my clubs/grips.  This feature alone, would be enough to make me suggest this towel to others, but Goose Golfs ingenuity doesn't stop there...

Attention to Detail

The Most Functional Towel in Golf - Goose Golf If the quality construction of the towel isn't enough, there's a few other features that help set the Goose Towel apart from their competitors.  Two of these features that I personally like are:
1) The carabiner clip which allows you to fasten the towel to your bag, but still easily remove it when required
2) the velcro Goose Golf logo on the top of the towel.  This feature can easily be overlooked, but comes in really handy for attaching your golf glove when you are ready to hit the putting surface.
And to put Goose Golf Towels over the top, they also come with a a bonus accessory...
The Putting Mate
The Most Functional Towel in Golf - Goose GolfThis additional accessory that comes included with every Goose Golf towel has become my new favorite!  I can't tell you how many times I've walked up to the putting green to find that my ball had a huge mud goiter attached to it.  Too inconvenienced to walk back to my golf bag to fetch my golf towel, countless times I've resorted to smearing the mud off with my thumb.  Apart from giving me an excuse for the missed putt that often follows, this is a sad but avoidable reality.  The Putting Mate (with the same wet/dry design as the towel) conveniently clips onto your belt loop to ensure you will always be putting with a clean ball. It even comes with a magnetic ball market!
Hands down this is the most functional golf towel that I've ever used.  To find out more about Goose Golf, visit their website ( like them on Facebook ( and connect with them on Twitter (
Goose Golf Towels are available for purchase through their website, in Canada at GolfTown and in the USA at Golfsmith.
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This article was written by Scott Stevens from Eat Sleep Golf as part of our series 'Product Reviews' where we shine light on new and innovative products, brands and solutions within the golf industry. Please feel free to comment below or continue the conversation with us on Facebook ( and/or Twitter (@EatSleepGolf)

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