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The Missing NRA Response???

Posted on the 17 July 2013 by Mikeb302000
The Daily Kos hits the nail on the head with:

Why Isn't NRA Arguing Trayvon Martin Tragedy Could Have Been Averted if Only He Had a Gun?

Seriously!  Come on--stand your ground has nothing to do with it?
Yeah, but what if Trayvon did have a gun?  Anyway, the Daily Kos goes on:
Sometimes, silence is much more revealing than those words actually spoken. Such is the case with respect to how the NRA has responded to the George Zimmerman verdict: with virtual silence.
One might expect the NRA to respond to Trayvon Martin's death by calling upon young, black men across this country to arm themselves, since the only way to truly protect oneself from the threat of violence in this country is to own a firearm. To exercise one's Second Amendment right.
After all, that's how it's responded to any number of shootings in which white people have been killed in mass shootings.
Of course, by expect, I mean the opposite, an ironic point made by a Tweet yesterday from Anonymous:
The Missing NRA response???
The Daily Kos gives the following conclusion for the silence about having an armed victim in this case:
We know the reason why. For when the NRA lobbied hard for the Stand Your Ground law in Florida which allowed Zimmerman to murder a young, black youth, it did so with a vision of white 'victimhood' – and gun sales to white Americans – in mind.
Of course, the "pro-gun" side likes to point out how gun laws are racist.  I mean when the black panthers started parading around with guns, we saw a slew of gun control laws come out.
But, white guys go trotting around with assault rifles and making seditious remarks?
The Missing NRA response??? Yeah, it's pretty clear what's going on here?
Gun owners aren't victims--they are the ones killing people.
And more than are few are getting away with murder.

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