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The Military Has Told Drake “This is Green Light.”

Posted on the 28 June 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
What on Earth is this Drake's GREEN LIGHT nonsense all about?
Well, it turns out that THE AMERICAN MILITIA (which Drake is a part of) are going to start MASS ARRESTING the ranking members of those who run the CORPORATE WAR GAME FOR PROFIT; that means Politicians, Police Chiefs, Corporate CEOs, Prime ministers and Presidents.
Seems unlikely, right?
Yeah, plus whoever you ARREST is gonna get USURPED IN LIEU by 'some other corporate lackey who'll just continue on in the same vein' right? Ruling by legal deceit and generally making YOU THE SLAVE's life a misery.
Apparently not, here's the whole rose-tinted lenses story as released by GLOBAL VOICE RADIO yesterday:
The spirit of the call was like freedom bells ringing throughout, once Drake said the green light had been given by the military.
Notes from Drake call of 6/27/2012
  • G20 meeting was all about the NWO takeover.
  • 12 false flags around the U.S. had been planned, including nuclear devices, for October (maybe a rerun of last year’s “October Surprise” that didn’t happen), so there would be no elections. They’ve been handled.
  • According to the ET’s, “the cavalry is coming.”
  • They will take care of things.
  • “Sit back and watch the fireworks.” They’ll call on the military only if needed.
“We have won.”
With mass arrests and removals from office, the MSM may not have a choice about reporting it.

Which all sounds VERY POSITIVE, like intelligent people are REALLY THINKING ABOUT what sort of a Free Planet they might wanna live on, etc.
But then, did you miss it? THE ET'S WILL TAKE CARE OF THINGS
The religions (religiosity) will be attended to shortly also. The E.T.’s will give us the true story that’s been denied us. Was asked when E.T.’s might make an appearance? A time has been given but he must hold that info for now. When military determines we are free, church bells will be ringing.

WHEN THE MILITARY DETERMINES WE ARE FREE, anyone else thinking 1984 here?
So, plenty of IRONY and WILD MYTH-MAKING in this selection of rant-worthy material from the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave CAPITALISTS i.e. still too big to fail at all costs.

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