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The Middle East and the 2nd Amendment

Posted on the 09 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
Winston Dorian wrote a bizarre and rambling post claiming that the Middle East turbulence highlights the importance of our 2nd Amendment.
The question to ask in Libya as in Egypt and other Arab countries is who’s better armed?  The individual citizens or the army? Whose doing most of the killing?  What if the standing national army (Militia) is the organization doing the killing and committing the crimes?  Right now in Libya the arming of “INDIVIDUALS” is critical……these Individuals are armed and forming militias … SOUND FAMILIAR?
In one sentence he says the standing national army IS the militia and in the next that the citizens are forming militias to fight them.
The conclusion of his article is equally bizarre.
Unfortunately, many misguided governments (Local, State and Federal) along with some very un-informed politicians the 2nd Amendment which clearly states that Individuals have the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”……is CONSTANTLY and PERPETUALLY being regulated with law after law after law.
I am afraid that we are NO LONGER the HOME of the FREE……but HOME of the ENSLAVED.
We as Americans are quickly loosing our constitutional rights and as a country are so in DEBT that we are enslaved to the spending of our failed political system that has driven us to Bankruptcy!!
First of all I thought the gun-rights movement was winning. Isn't that what they usually claim? And secondly, what's he really talking about here the debt and bankruptcy problem or the rebels with guns in the Middle East.
This is why I read Winston every day. He's so entertaining.
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