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The Merry Month...

By Kate_miller
The Merry Month...Desperate times call for desperate measures! Nabbed these Sun Stars at the local supermarket.
The Merry Month...When the sun popped out, I was giddy as a schoolgirl.
If we can believe the local weather guy it has rained ~ or snowed! ~ 20 out of the last 28 days. So, it took a moment to jar my memory. To soak in the warmth of that absentee sun and remember what it’s like to be living in a high plains desert.
Before the storm clouds rolled in. Again. 
The Merry Month...Don't get too excited. These Tulips and Hyacinths are flowering indoors.
Of course, no one should be allowed to complain about the weather. Unless, you’re from Alabama. Good Lord… all those tornadoes clustered together… it looked like a scene out that movie, The Day After Tomorrow.

The Merry Month...

Christmas Cactus - still blooming!

Did you know that you can take Red Cross Disaster Response certification courses online? I would very much like to do that.
Far too frequently, I see situations where people need help, and I think… well, I’ve got frequent flyer miles. I did the Habitat for Humanity thing, after Katrina, but I possess no real skills to help people in such dire need.
And, while I don't know half of what they're going through I know a little bit about what they experienced for a few terrifying seconds. I survived a tornado. In my Ford Explorer, which was pretty much destroyed. To this day, high winds make me a little loopy.

The Merry Month...

Who knew? Clematis seedlings flower this early?

*****On a significantly brighter note... did you just go ga-ga over Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet??
Hyacinth, Sweet William, Lily of the Valley… 3 that I nurture in my own gardens, made it into that historic bouquet.
The Merry Month...
Thanks to Tivo, I knocked that 8 hour royal wedding party down to 35 minutes. (Long live the fast forward button.) But, I thought her flowers were as stunning as her dress.
Plus, this sentimental Mom shed a couple tears when Will and Harry stepped out of the limo.
Diana seems to be very influential with women in my age group. (Or, well, maybe just me and Bev...) But, I think she'd have been proud to see how her darling little boys turned into such impressive, young men.
* I missed yesterday's Mish Mash Monday (Garden Faerie’s clever invention) so perhaps we could dub this Trivial Tuesday?
Here's hoping for bright sunshine, wherever you are.

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