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The Men's Pinterest

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Did you know there is a version of a men's Pinterest? It's in a beta state and you must get an invite or request one. I just requested one for our scrub company as we have a men's department on the website. This men's Pinterest is called Gentlemint.

The Men's Pinterest Now there's a men's mixer! The Men's Pinterest Motorcyles - Popular on Gentlemint

It looks and feels like Pinterest! Instead of pinning things you mint them. They claim they have more personal users than businesses. Many businesses are still trying to find out how to use Pinterest to their advantage. Women are also encouraged to join up on Gentlemint, so  don't be shy! Gentlemint was created in just 12 hours by two men who work at a web software company. Now that's inspiring!

Have you visited Gentlemint yet and minted things? 

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