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The Mavericks WIN GAME 5!!!!!!

By Thefriskyvirgin
Whoop! Whoop! Despite my slightly tight tummy...that is churning...with lingering game-time nerves...and too much chocolate...I'm bouncing! Now the series is 3-2, Mavericks.
I KNEW they could overcome Saturday's loss--that game was a gut check game, and they checked, cleared, and cashed in. Way to go, MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!! That's heart! Man, I WISH I could be there. Did y'all see those empty seats? Dang!
My mom called during the 4th and this is what I get:
Me: "Hello?"
Mom: "Shhhhhh."
Me: "Huh?"
Mom, whispering: "Have you seen the score?"
Me, whispering back: "Oh, yeah."
Mom, still whispering: "Okay, now, shhhhhhh. Maybe if we don't cheer loudly, they won't realize they have a massive lead."
I just burst out laughing. Only my mama.
The Mavericks WIN GAME 5!!!!!!

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