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The Many Uses Of Bamboo

By Azanimals @azanimals
(c) A-Z-Animals Bamboo is a type of woody grass that is found growing throughout the world's tropical regions. Well known for growing at an immense pace in comparison to other plants, it is fast becoming one of the world's most sought after commodities but what is it being used for?

Well, bamboo has thousands of uses from edible shoots to large scale construction and even more recently as a biofuel, this humble plant can be used for almost anything. Bamboo fibres are used to make clothes and boards made up from strands are becoming increasingly popular all around the world to be turned into furniture, and very commonly floor boards.

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Bamboo flooring is in higher and higher demand due to its smooth finish, beautiful natural wood appearance, toughness and the fact that it is resistant to humidity. Being the world's fastest growing plant means that bamboo provides us with a sustainable source of a material that easily replaces hardwoods that are becoming rarer as they take so long to grow.

There are a couple of reasons besides its fast growing pace that makes bamboo a great sustainable source including the fact that it continuously grows after harvesting without the need for replanting, and that it is known to convert around 35 percent more carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen than a normal tree.

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Here are just some of the more common uses for bamboo that are currently on the global market: floor and furniture boards, scaffolding, toilet tissue, cardboard, coffee filters, clothing, mattresses, nappies, charcoal, biofuel, bamboo drinks, steering wheels, dashboards, bicycles, skateboards, ski poles, fishing rods, phone and tablet cases, speakers, musical instruments, bridges and helmets. The list is endless!

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