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The Manufactured Crisis

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The crisis with Deputy Minister Tzippi Hotoveli over her criticism of American Jewry is what I am calling a manufactured crisis.
The manufactured crisis
What she said is irrelevant. It was not anything so bad or critical nor was it particularly harsh. PM Netanyahu took advantage of an opportunity to come out as a friend of American Jewry after he came out as their enemy in regards to the Kotel arrangements affair.
Netanyahu's other coalition partners have said much worse about non-orthodox American jewry in recent months and Netanyahu did not come to their defense then, did not criticize those who made harsh statements against the Reform and Conservative Jews. It was understandable as had he done so then, he might have lost his government coalition. Tzippi Hotoveli presents no threat to him or to his coalition, so he can feel comfortable criticizing her for it. He could have just as easily ignored it as he has done until now, but this presented an opportunity with no, or very little, downside. Netanyahu manufactured this crisis to his advantage and that's the end of the story.
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