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The #London Reading List No.31: It's A Dodger's Life @fantomfilms

By Lwblog @londonwalks

The #London Reading List No.31: It's A Dodger's Life @fantomfilms
DC Editor Adam Scott-Goulding writes…

It's been a while since I last added to the Daily Constitutional's London Reading List, and being partial to a bit o' Dickens, I was delighted when this book landed on my desk… The #London Reading List No.31: It's A Dodger's Life @fantomfilms Jack Wild shot to fame as the Artful Dodger in the 1968 screen version of what remains for this writer the greatest British musical of them all, Oliver! (Catch up with earlier posts on my great hero Lionel Bart HERE and HERE.) Wild's story is vivid indeed. Propelled to stardom at the age of 15, until his death from cancer at the age of 53, the book tells the story of the actor in his own words - published for the first time. Jack shot to fame with his performance in the 1968 film musical Oliver! It brought him an Oscar nomination and international stardom. But his most famous role is just the tip of the iceberg. As his fame grew, Jack also began to battle with alcoholism, which eventually dominated most accounts of his life. After the glittery highs of the 60’s and 70’s came the “lost decade” of the 80’s; the lows of debts and sectioning under the Mental Health Act. The real story of this period is here, in Jack’s own words. Completed by Jack's widow Claire, the book is in Jack’s unique narrative voice with honesty and roguish charm. His story contains vivid behind the scenes accounts of many great names he worked with, from British favourites such as Diana Dors and Ron Moody to international stars like Bing Crosby and Kevin Costner. You can buy It's A Dodger's Life HERE and there's a new website dedicated to the actor's life and work at

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