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The London Reading List No 16: London Walks

By Lwblog @londonwalks
Tuesday is London books day on The Daily Constitutional. Give us your own recommendations at the usual email address
The London Reading List No 16: London walks
A bit of a cheeky one, this, adding our own book to the London Reading List. So, rather than give it a big puff (that would be a little pompous) what we’ll do instead is give you a chance to hear some of it. From the horses’ mouths, as it were. Over at The Mothership, David has been recording us reading extracts from the book.
The London Reading List No 16: London walks
Click HERE to listen to Tom read his own Legal London chapter; Adam reads from his Fleet Street chapter HERE; and HERE’S Nick reading from his Greenwich chapter. David does a bit of his Secret Westminster HERE.
(A NEW London Walks book is coming soon…)

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